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Last active Apr 4, 2020
Converting EssentialsX Perms to Luckperms

Convert EssentialsX default perms to LuckPerms

The hardest part of moving on from essentials handling permissions to being a big boi server owner is getting past the wow thats a lot of perms EssX gives to default players. This guide helps you give your players the perms they deserve(TM).

  1. Copy all the nodes under player-commands into a text file example

Remove commented outs one as needed

  1. Find and replace - <-- with space with essentials. <-- with dot

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

To claim this, I am signing this object:

Chew / gist:3ae533c5f28d1b52073b755dcdc0d941
Created Oct 8, 2016
Chewbotcca - GotPvP - CHANGELOG
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This one's a big one. I don't even know what was changed so I'll do what I can remember.
- Help Command Updated
- #$help [command] renamed to #$info [command]
- #$ping improved (shows how long it took to ping
- #$GotPvP Staff renamed to #$staff
- #$staff [server] to see staff on one specific server/gamemode
- #$help, #$staff, #$listrolecolours, and various other commands are now pm'd to you!
- /emotes added to see all /[emotes]
- Added some missing #$infos
Chew / gist:fee908b09826cad189721eab1af92962
Last active Sep 5, 2016
Chewbotcca GotPvP Changelog
View gist:fee908b09826cad189721eab1af92962
[v 1.1] - September 5th, 2016:
- Added a `#$help [command]` for pretty much every command.
- Removed an old testing command.
- Removed `#$code` as it didn't even show this Chewbotcca's code anyway.
[v 1.0.0] - September 4th, 2016:
- Created Changelog
- Various improvements
- Updated Staff List (won't happen every time just a part of the log)
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