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Created September 5, 2012 22:07
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Sample Racket Docstring Pseudocode
;;Basic format; will create definition normally and ignore docstring entirely
(define-syntax autodoc (syntax-rules (define) [(_ docstr (define (name arg ...) body ...)) (define (name arg ...) body ...)])
;;Simple expanded example; will create definition and also print docstring each time function is called
(define-syntax autodoc2 (syntax-rules (define) [(_ docstr (define (name arg ...) body ...)) (define (name arg ...) (begin (print docstr) body ...))]))
;; Function definition
(autodoc "Function that increments numbers"
(define (my-incr x)
(+ 1 x))
(autodoc2 "Function that increments numbers"
(define (my-incr2 x)
(+ 1 x))
;; (my-incr _) and (my-incr2 _) can now be called normally
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kazzmir commented Sep 5, 2012

(define-syntax autodoc (syntax-rules (define) ([_ docstr (define (name arg ...) body ...)](begin %28proc-doc name any docstr%29 %28define %28name arg ...%29 body ...%29)

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