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Created July 10, 2017 09:55
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Example Mixpanel raw event export script
#! /usr/bin/env python
# Mixpanel, Inc. --
# Python API client library to consume analytics data.
import hashlib
import urllib
import time
import json
except ImportError:
import simplejson as json
class Mixpanel(object):
VERSION = '2.0'
def __init__(self, api_key, api_secret):
self.api_key = api_key
self.api_secret = api_secret
def request(self, methods, params):
methods - List of methods to be joined, e.g. ['events', 'properties', 'values']
will give us
params - Extra parameters associated with method
params['api_key'] = self.api_key
params['expire'] = int(time.time()) + 600 # Grant this request 10 minutes.
if 'sig' in params: del params['sig']
params['sig'] = self.hash_args(params)
request_url = '/'.join([self.ENDPOINT, str(self.VERSION)] + methods) + '/?' + self.unicode_urlencode(params)
request = urllib.urlretrieve(request_url, output_file)
def unicode_urlencode(self, params):
Convert lists to JSON encoded strings, and correctly handle any
unicode URL parameters.
if isinstance(params, dict):
params = params.items()
for i, param in enumerate(params):
if isinstance(param[1], list):
params[i] = (param[0], json.dumps(param[1]),)
return urllib.urlencode(
[(k, isinstance(v, unicode) and v.encode('utf-8') or v) for k, v in params]
def hash_args(self, args, secret=None):
Hashes arguments by joining key=value pairs, appending a secret, and
then taking the MD5 hex digest.
for a in args:
if isinstance(args[a], list): args[a] = json.dumps(args[a])
args_joined = ''
for a in sorted(args.keys()):
if isinstance(a, unicode):
args_joined += a.encode('utf-8')
args_joined += str(a)
args_joined += '='
if isinstance(args[a], unicode):
args_joined += args[a].encode('utf-8')
args_joined += str(args[a])
hash = hashlib.md5(args_joined)
if secret:
elif self.api_secret:
return hash.hexdigest()
api_key = raw_input("API Key: ")
api_secret = raw_input("API Secret: ")
from_date = raw_input("From Date: ")
to_date = raw_input("To Date: ")
output_file = raw_input("Output Filename: ")
api = Mixpanel(
api_key = api_key,
api_secret = api_secret
data = api.request(['export'], {
#'event': [''],
'from_date': from_date,
'to_date': to_date,
#'where': ''
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