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Send email via gmail from Clojure
(ns foo
(:import (java.util Properties)
(javax.mail.internet MimeMessage InternetAddress)
(javax.mail Session Transport Authenticator
PasswordAuthentication Message$RecipientType)))
(defn send-gmail [{:keys [from to subject text user password]}]
(let [auth (proxy [Authenticator] []
(getPasswordAuthentication []
(PasswordAuthentication. user password)))
props (doto (Properties.)
(.putAll {"mail.smtp.user" user
"" ""
"mail.smtp.starttls.enable" "true"
"mail.smtp.auth" "true"}))
session (Session/getInstance props auth)
msg (doto (MimeMessage. session)
(.setText text)
(.setSubject subject)
(.setFrom (InternetAddress. from)))]
(doseq [addr to]
(.addRecipient msg Message$RecipientType/TO (InternetAddress. addr)))
(Transport/send msg)))

I had to add another property, "mail.smtp.port" "587"

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