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; STM history stress-test
(defn stress [hmin hmax]
(let [r (ref 0 :min-history hmin :max-history hmax)
slow-tries (atom 0)]
(swap! slow-tries inc)
(Thread/sleep 200)
(println "a is:" @r "history:" (.getHistoryCount r)
"after:" @slow-tries "tries"))
(dotimes [i 500]
(Thread/sleep 10)
(dosync (alter r inc)))
(stress 0 10) ; default ref settings
;=> :done
; a is: 500 history: 10 after: 26 tries
; This indicates that the slow transaction never succeeded until the dotimes
; loop was complete (and returned :done)
(stress 0 30)
; a is: 415 history: 19 after: 21 tries
;=> :done
; Here the slow transaction completed first, after growing the history to 19.
; Success! But it took 21 tries to grow the history from 0, so we can help out
; by starting with a larger min-history:
(stress 15 30)
; a is: 119 history: 20 after: 6 tries
;=> :done
; Only 6 retries of the slow transaction this time, enough to grow the history
; from 15 to 20.
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