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@ChrisBeeley ChrisBeeley/server.R

Created May 25, 2019
What would you like to do?
function(input, output) { # define application in here
output$textDisplay <- renderText({ # mark function as reactive
# and assign to output$textDisplay for passing to ui.R
paste0("You said '", input$comment, # from the text
"'. There are ", nchar(input$comment), # input control as
" characters in this.") # defined in ui.R
fluidPage( # flexible layout function
# Title
titlePanel("Minimal application"),
sidebarLayout( # standard inputs on sidebar, outputs in main area layout
sidebarPanel( # sidebar configuration
textInput(inputId = "comment", # this is the name of the
# variable- this will be passed to server.R
label = "Say something?", # display label for the variable
value = "" # initial value
# Show a plot of the generated distribution
mainPanel( # main output configuration
h3("This is you saying it"), # title with HTML helper
textOutput("textDisplay") # this is the name of the output
# element as defined in server.R
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