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Very simple way to implement iOS push notifications in NativeScript using an exports function instead of a large, separate, observable class setup which is all I could find any where online.
var page;
var observable = require("data/observable");
var pageData = new observable.Observable();
exports.loaded = function(args) {
page = args.object;
var pushPlugin = require("nativescript-push-notifications");
var self = pageData;
var iosSettings = {
badge: true,
sound: true,
alert: true,
interactiveSettings: {
actions: [{
identifier: 'READ_IDENTIFIER',
title: 'Read',
activationMode: "foreground",
destructive: false,
authenticationRequired: true
}, {
identifier: 'CANCEL_IDENTIFIER',
title: 'Cancel',
activationMode: "foreground",
destructive: true,
authenticationRequired: true
categories: [{
identifier: 'READ_CATEGORY',
actionsForDefaultContext: ['READ_IDENTIFIER', 'CANCEL_IDENTIFIER'],
actionsForMinimalContext: ['READ_IDENTIFIER', 'CANCEL_IDENTIFIER']
notificationCallbackIOS: function (data) {
self.set("message", "" + JSON.stringify(data));
pushPlugin.register(iosSettings, function (data) {
self.set("message", "" + JSON.stringify(data));
// Register the interactive settings
if(iosSettings.interactiveSettings) {
pushPlugin.registerUserNotificationSettings(function(success) {
alert('Successfully registered for interactive push.');
}, function(err) {
alert('Error registering for interactive push: ' + JSON.stringify(err));
}, function() { });
page.bindingContext = pageData;
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