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ChrisK2 /
Created Jul 19, 2018 — forked from sarciszewski/
Twig 2.0 without Composer

Your mileage may vary, depending on how you set up the directory structure

ChrisK2 / 00 Registering ProPlayer for
Last active Jan 2, 2018
Registering ProPlayer for Certification
View 00 Registering ProPlayer for

Registering ProPlayer for Certification

  1. Login on with provided credentials 10

  2. If neccessary, change language 20

  3. Navigate to Device management

ChrisK2 / ls_hook.lua
Created Nov 10, 2014
Get mpv master/HEAD with lua, livestreamer in $PATH, put in ~/.config/mpv/scripts ... you know the drill.
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local utils = require 'mp.utils'
local msg = require 'mp.msg'
local ls = {
path = "livestreamer",
mp.add_hook("on_load", 9, function ()
local function exec(args)
ChrisK2 /
Last active Aug 29, 2015

youtube-dl hook script for mpv

Now part of mpv

As of 079ecd7 (2014-11-19), the hook script is now integrated into mpv and will be avaiblable when compiled with LUA support. It is (currently) disabled by default, to enable it add --ytdl=yes to your command-line or ytdl=yes to your mpv.conf.

Open Issues

View f3kdb.lua
-- Manually load the plugin (no idea if this works)
-- invoke("std", "LoadPlugin", {path = "libf3kdb.dylib"})
clip = video_in
clip = invoke("std", "Trim", {clip = clip, i_first = 0, i_length = 500000})
clip = invoke("f3kdb", "Deband", {clip = clip, i_grainy = 0, i_grainc = 0, i_output_depth=16})
video_out = clip
set -e
if [ -z "$MPV" ] ; then
ChrisK2 / element_documentation.lua
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Documentation of the element table structure of the OSC
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-- created by new_element()
element = {
type = "button" -- or "box" or "slider"
eventresponder = { -- eventhandlers
eventname = eventfunction,
visble = true, -- Should the element be visibale at all?
enabled = true, -- Should it be clickable?
softrepeat = false, -- Repeat the _down event when mouse is held down?
styledown = true, -- should the element change its style while the mouse is held down on it? for box and slider false
ChrisK2 / how to fix
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Guide on how to fix various errors in Crunchyroll's releases during playback with mpv.
View gist:91c6f48e984f02cd789f


mpv comes with a built-in module to manage options from config-files and the command-line. All you have to do is to supply a table with default options to the read_options function. The function will overwrite the default values with values found in the config-file and the command-line (in that order).

read_options(table, identifier)
A table with key-value pairs. The type of the default values is
ChrisK2 / How to Vapoursynth + flash3kyuu_db for mpv on Mac OS X.rst
Last active Jul 19, 2021
Short tutorial on how to compile Vapoursynth and flash3kyuu_deband on Mac OS X and use it with mpv, might be out of date.
View How to Vapoursynth + flash3kyuu_db for mpv on Mac OS X.rst