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Calculadora controller
import java.lang.Exception
class CalculadoraController {
fun executarOperacao(text: String): Int {
val split = text.split('*')
if(split.size > 2)
throw Exception("Multiplicação inválida")
return multiplicar(split[0].toInt(), split[1].toInt())
val split = text.split('+')
if(split.size > 2)
throw Exception("Soma inválida")
return soma(split[0].toInt(), split[1].toInt())
val split = text.split('-')
if(split.size > 2)
throw Exception("Subtração inválida")
return subtrair(split[0].toInt(), split[1].toInt())
throw Exception("Operação inválida")
private fun soma(n1: Int, n2: Int): Int {
return n1 + n2
private fun subtrair(n1: Int, n2: Int): Int {
return n1 - n2
private fun multiplicar(n1: Int, n2: Int): Int {
return n1 * n2
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