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Created August 8, 2011 10:22
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Split CSS files so that there are no more than a given number of selectors in one style sheet. This is a tool to cope with Internet Explorer's limitation of max. 4095 selectors per stylesheet.
require 'rake'
require 'css_splitter'
desc 'split css files'
namespace :css do
task :split do
infile = ENV['infile'] || raise("missing infile")
outdir = ENV['outdir'] || File.dirname(infile)
max_selectors = ENV['max_selectors'] || 4095
CssSplitter.split(infile, outdir, max_selectors)
task :count_selectors do
css_file = ENV['css_file'] || raise("missing css file")
module CssSplitter
def self.split(infile, outdir = File.dirname(infile), max_selectors = 4095)
raise "infile could not be found" unless File.exists? infile
rules = IO.readlines(infile, "}")
return if rules.first.nil?
charset_statement, rules[0] = rules.first.partition(/^\@charset[^;]+;/)[1,2]
return if rules.nil?
# The infile remains the first file
file_id = 1
selectors_count = 0
output = nil
rules.each do |rule|
rule_selectors_count = count_selectors_of_rule rule
selectors_count += rule_selectors_count
# Nothing happens until the selectors limit is reached for the first time
if selectors_count > max_selectors
# Close current file if there is already one
output.close if output
# Prepare next file
file_id += 1
filename = File.join(outdir, File.basename(infile, File.extname(infile)) + "_#{file_id.to_s}" + File.extname(infile))
output =, "w")
output.write charset_statement
# Reset count with current rule count
selectors_count = rule_selectors_count
output.write rule if output
def self.count_selectors(css_file)
raise "file could not be found" unless File.exists? css_file
rules = IO.readlines(css_file, '}')
return if rules.first.nil?
charset_statement, rules[0] = rules.first.partition(/^\@charset[^;]+;/)[1,2]
return if rules.first.nil?
rules.inject(0) {|count, rule| count + count_selectors_of_rule(rule)}.tap do |result|
puts File.basename(css_file) + " contains #{result} selectors."
def self.count_selectors_of_rule(rule)
rule.partition(/\{/).first.scan(/,/).count.to_i + 1
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korny commented Mar 13, 2012

Automatic splitting for compass.rb:

on_stylesheet_saved do |path|
  CssSplitter.split(path) unless path[/\d+$/]

/via @joschka

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There is a follow up gist with a SprocketsEngine for integration with the Rails Asset pipeline:

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Thank you for this, came in very handy.

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where to put css_splitter.rake and css_splitter.rb files? would be good if there is some instruction. thanks.

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peschee commented Nov 20, 2012

I'm kind of lost. Any points on where these files should go to integrate with the compass compile / watch or sass build workflow?

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jhilden commented Jan 12, 2013

FYI: This gist has been turned into a gem here:

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t22james commented Oct 5, 2014

This does appear to have a bug, in that it will split in the middle of a media query... Discovered this at the top of my second of split files...

@charset "UTF-8";

  /* line 8, ../scss/global/_mixins.scss */
  tr.hidden-lg {
    display: table-row !important;

  /* line 9, ../scss/global/_mixins.scss */
  td.hidden-lg {
    display: table-cell !important;

Note the hanging bracket which is closing a media query which was opened in the first of the split css files.... Anyone able to factor this case into the snippet?

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I'm not familiar with ruby, but i tried to fix this tool to suit my needs:
IE have limits not only on selector count but also *.css file size, sometimes fat stylesheets files can throw errors in IE (something like: Out of memory at line XXX.) So we need to split first 4095 selectors in separate file too and include them instead of full css file.
for example:

<!-- ie 10 and above and all other browsers -->
<!--[if gt IE 9]><!-->
<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" media="all" href="css/screen.css" />
<!-- only ie 9 and below -->
<!--[if lte IE 9]>
  <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" media="all" href="css/screen_1.css" />
  <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" media="all" href="css/screen_2.css" />

If you have same issues check my gist, it works perfect:


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kweij commented May 18, 2015


Has anyone overcome the issue of media queries that t22james has ran into? This issue seems like a mayor bug and reason not to use this script to me, but since it's about 4 years old by now, maybe someone has already fixed it.

Thanks in advance

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I'm having same media query split @t22james

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