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Christian Tucker ChristianTucker

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View CharacterController.cs
public class CharacterController : MonoBehaviour
private ClientInputState inputState;
private Vector3 velocity =;
private int simulationFrame;
private void Start()
View SimulationState.cs
public class SimulationState : Message
public Vector3 position;
public Vector3 velocity;
public int simulationFrame;
View ClientInputState.cs
public class ClientInputState : Message
public List<KeyCode> keysPressed;
public List<KeyCode> keysDown;
public List<KeyCode> keysReleased;
public int simulationFrame;
View Psuedo networking example.cs
// Psuedo implementation to send data to a client.
NetworkServer.SendToClient(NetworkConnection connection, Message message);
// Psuedo implementation to send data to the server.
NetworkClient.Send(Message message);
// Psuedo implementation to register incoming message handlers.
NetworkClient.RegisterHandler<T>(Action<NetworkConnection, T> handler);
NetworkServer.RegisterHandler<T>(Action<NetworkConnection, T> handler);