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Created March 17, 2023 20:09
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Features component
import { UniformSlot } from "@uniformdev/canvas-react";
export function Features({
}: {
subtext: string;
title: string;
}) {
return (
<div className="pb-16" style={{ fontFamily: '"Lato", sans-serif' }}>
<section className="max-w-8xl mx-auto container bg-white pt-16">
<div role="contentinfo" className="flex items-center flex-col px-4">
className="focus:outline-none uppercase text-sm text-center text-gray-600 leading-4"
className="focus:outline-none text-4xl lg:text-4xl font-extrabold text-center leading-10 text-gray-800 lg:w-5/12 md:w-9/12 pt-4"
aria-label="group of cards"
className="focus:outline-none mt-20 flex flex-wrap justify-center gap-10 px-4"
<UniformSlot name="featureCards" />
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