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Created March 17, 2023 20:06
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CTA Component
export default function CTA({
}: {
title: string;
buttonText: string;
}) {
return (
<div className="dark:bg-gray-900">
<section className="mx-auto container w-full py-36">
<div className="flex flex-col justify-center items-center">
<div className="md:text-5xl text-4xl font-black text-center text-gray-800 dark:text-white leading-snug lg:w-3/4">
<div className="flex justify-center items-center mt-16">
<button className="focus:outline-none focus:ring-2 focus:ring-offset-2 focus:ring-[#082491] hover:opacity-90 w-48 h-12 text-lg text-white bg-gradient-to-l from-[#172f90] to-[#082491] rounded">
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