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Created January 7, 2019 05:47
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What would you like to do? top posts scraping script
// navigate to and scroll untill postsData's length is more than 500
postsCount = 500
postsData = [...document.querySelectorAll('#substories .single-article')]
.slice(0, postsCount)
.map(post => {
try {
const [author, date] = post.querySelector('h4').textContent.trim().split('・')
const postData = {
title: post.querySelector('h3').textContent.trim(),
tags: post.querySelector('.tags').textContent.trim().split(/\s+/),
reactionsCount: parseInt(post.querySelector('.reactions-count .engagement-count-number').textContent.trim(), 10),
commentsCount: parseInt(post.querySelector('.comments-count .engagement-count-number').textContent.trim(), 10),
return postData;
} catch (e) {
// There are two ill formatted posts and we are going to ignore them
JSON.stringify(postsData, null, 2)
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