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Django object permission backend, that passesthrough
from django.conf import settings
class ObjectPermBackend(object):
"""Simple object permission backend that passesthrough the has_perm calls
to the object.
supports_object_permissions = True
supports_anonymous_user = True
def authenticate(self, username, password): #@UnusedVariable
"""Stub authenticate, do nothing."""
return None
def has_perm(self, user, perm, obj=None):
"""Passes the has_perm call to object.
:param user: User object
:param perm: Permission string
:param obj: Object
if hasattr(obj, "has_perm"):
return obj.has_perm(user, perm)
return False
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Ciantic commented Jun 27, 2010

Usage in


Notice that this does not affect the normal ModelBackend when used like this.

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