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My Site object cache
"""Cache of Site related settings
Site IDs and urlconfs are such that are testd on *all* requests thus they need
to be cached.
from django.conf import settings
from django.contrib.sites.models import Site
def get_urlconf(domain=""):
"""Get urlconf (by domain, if omitted the global ROOT_URLCONF)"""
return _CACHE_URLCONFS_BY_DOMAIN.get(domain, settings.ROOT_URLCONF)
def get_site_id(domain=""):
"""Get site ID (by domain, if omitted the global SITE_ID is fetched)"""
return _CACHE_SITE_IDS.get(domain, settings.SITE_ID)
def get_site(domain=""):
"""Get current Site (by domain, if omitted the global site is fetched)
.. note: Site *objects* are not cached, only site ids.
site_id = get_site_id(domain)
if site_id == settings.SITE_ID:
return Site.objects.get_current()
return Site.objects.get(pk=site_id)
def refresh_multidomain_sites(forced=False):
"""Refresh the cache of site IDs
:param forced: Force refresh
if not _CACHE_SITE_IDS or forced:
for s in Site.objects.all():
_CACHE_SITE_IDS[s.domain] =
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