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func EditProfileFn(c *gin.Context) {
currentUser := models.User{}
session := sessions.Default(c)
u := session.Get("user")
if u != nil {
currentUser = u.(models.User)
dbc, exist := c.Get("db")
if !exist {
c.HTML(http.StatusOK, "index", gin.H{
"title": "Hi! GoBlog.",
"error": "We've got an internal error, please try later.",
if c.Request.Method == http.MethodGet { // Edit profile form
c.HTML(http.StatusOK, "edit_profile", gin.H{
"title": "Hi! GoBlog.",
"user": currentUser,
} else if c.Request.Method == http.MethodPost { // Process profile form
var profileForm models.EditProfile
if err := c.ShouldBind(&profileForm); err == nil {
db := dbc.(*gorm.DB)
currentUser.Username = profileForm.Username
currentUser.AboutMe = profileForm.AboutMe
result := db.Save(&currentUser)
if result.Error != nil {
var a, b int
a = 1
b = 0
fmt.Println(a / b)
session.Set("user", currentUser)
posts := [...]struct {
Author *models.User
Body string
{&currentUser, "Test post #1"},
{&currentUser, "Test post #2"},
c.HTML(http.StatusOK, "profile", gin.H{
"title": "Hi! GoBlog.",
"user": &currentUser,
"current_user": &currentUser,
"posts": posts,
} else {
c.HTML(http.StatusOK, "edit_profile", gin.H{
"title": "Hi! GoBlog.",
"error": "Required fields are not provided correctly.",
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