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Simple lex/parse pattern with one state machine in lexer and another in parser
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import re
class ParseSegment:
# Dictionary of patterns per state
# Tuples are (token name, pattern, state change command)
_regexes = {
"out": [
("open", re.compile(r"segment(?P<segment>\w+)\s+\{"), "in")
"in": [
("close", re.compile(r"\}"), "out"),
# Here an example of what you could want to match
("content", re.compile(r"content\s+(?P<content>\w+)"), None)
def lex(self, source, initpos = 0):
pos = initpos
end = len(source)
state = "out"
while pos < end:
for token_name, reg, state_chng in self._regexes[state]:
# Try to get a match
match = reg.match(source, pos)
if match:
# Advance according to how much was matched
pos = match.end()
# yield a token if it has a name
if token_name is not None:
# Yield token name, the full matched part of source
# and the match grouped according to (?P<tag>) tags
yield (token_name,, match.groupdict())
# Switch state if requested
if state_chng is not None:
state = state_chng
# No match, advance by one character
# This is particular to that lexer, usually no match means
# the input file has an error in the syntax and lexer should
# yield an exception
pos += 1
def parse(self, source, initpos = 0):
# This is an example of use of the lexer with a parser
# This converts the input file into a dictionary. Keys are segment
# names, and values are list of contents.
segments = {}
cur_segment = None
# Use lexer to get tokens from source
for token, fullmatch, groups in self.lex(source, initpos):
# On open, create the list of content in segments
if token == "open":
cur_segment = groups["segment"]
segments[cur_segment] = []
# On content, ensure we know the segment and add content to the
# list
elif token == "content":
if cur_segment is None:
raise RuntimeError("Content found outside a segment")
# On close, set the current segment to unknown
elif token == "close":
cur_segment = None
# ignore unknown tokens, we could raise an error instead
return segments
def main():
with open("...", "r") as fh:
data =
lexer = ParseSegment()
segments = lexer.parse(data)
return 0
if __name__ == '__main__':
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