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Yukino Song ClassicOldSong

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View ef-ast-xml-compiler-with-data.js
/* Usage:
import parseEft from 'eft-parser'
import compileToXML from 'ef-ast-xml-compiler-with-data.js'
const ast = parseEft(`
.Hello {{name}}!
ClassicOldSong / tmuxlogin
Last active Jan 17, 2022
Use tmux as your login shell
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# Usage:
# Download this file
# Put it in /bin or wherever you want, eg: `/bin/tmuxlogin`
# Give it excutable permission, eg: `sudo chmod +x /bin/tmuxlogin`
# Modify your `/etc/shells` and add `/bin/tmuxlogin` to it
# Modify your `~/.tmux.conf` and add `set-option -g default-shell /bin/bash(or whatever shell you want)` to it
# `chsh -s /bin/tmuxlogin`
# Done!
ClassicOldSong / MouseDelta.ahk
Last active Jul 24, 2022
AHK for enhancing GPD Pocket. Run pocket_enhancement.ahk. Feature: Esc + Mouse movenent = ScrollWheel, CapsLock + PrtScn = Region Screen Capture
View MouseDelta.ahk
; Instantiate this class and pass it a func name or a Function Object
; The specified function will be called with the delta move for the X and Y axes
; Normally, there is no windows message "mouse stopped", so one is simulated.
; After 10ms of no mouse movement, the callback is called with 0 for X and Y
Class MouseDelta {
State := 0
;~ this.TimeoutFn := this.TimeoutFunc.Bind(this)
this.MouseMovedFn := this.MouseMoved.Bind(this)
ClassicOldSong / surfingkeys.js
Last active Nov 7, 2019
My SurfingKeys Configuration
View surfingkeys.js
/* Original gist from deluxghost
View GitHub_top_bar_enhancement.user.js
// ==UserScript==
// @name GitHub top bar enhancement
// @namespace
// @version 0.1.3
// @description Fix and Auto Hide GitHub Top Bar w/ Ocototree caused headerbar displacement fix
// @author Yukino Song
// @match
// @match*/*
// @match*
// @grant none

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