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import re
import json
running_game = r"""
Here some nice debugging message.
{ "type": "device",
"statusLine": "200 Ok",
"statusCode": "200",
"status": "Ok",
"host-id": "BC60A766BA99",
"host-type": "PS4",
"host-name": "PS4",
"host-request-port": "997",
"device-discovery-protocol-version": "00020020",
"system-version": "04550011",
"running-app-name": "Curses 'N Chaos",
"running-app-titleid": "CUSA03106",
"address": "" }
Another one right here.
# Get data between {}.
game_data = re.findall(r'{([^]]*)}', running_game)[0]
game_data = '{%s}' % game_data
the_actual_data = json.loads(game_data)
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