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Created September 25, 2016 20:22
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install StaSh on pythonista for iOS to get pip working
# from
# this script will get pip working on iOS!
import requests as r
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bazbt3 commented Dec 3, 2017

Thanks for this Cody, you made my install easy a few weeks ago, and I just passed the instructions on to a fellow struggler. :)

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jshers commented Oct 18, 2019

Hey! I ran this on pythonista but still having issues installing Pandas and Beautiful Soup. Any suggestions?

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might be because those need to be compiled during install. Ive had issues with stash and cpython libraries since theyre designed to compile at install.
Ive only gotten it to work once as a POC, but it is possible to compile static clibs or .so files that work fine on pythonista in ios. Its not universal enough to apply to everything. But it is worth noting.

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I dont know how This is supposed to work. I did everything the instructions said and nothing works. I have Pythonista on my iPhone and iPad. I ran

import requests as r

Then tried running (which doesn’t exist). I tried reading the and doing everything that said and it still doesn’t work. Is there something I am missing? I thought once this is installed you can use pip in the console and download python packages.

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i did this and was successful in the download/install on my phone, but i tried a couple commands and it said that pip didnt exist, i may have been doing it wrong i honestly dont know

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