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Android M Preview (Platform Tools v23 rc2): Fastboot usage page
usage: fastboot [ <option> ] <command>
update <filename> reflash device from
flashall flash boot, system, vendor and if found,
flash <partition> [ <filename> ] write a file to a flash partition
flashing lock locks the device. Prevents flashing
flashing unlock unlocks the device. Allows user to
flash any partition except the ones
that are related to bootloader
flashing lock_critical Prevents flashing bootloader related
flashing unlock_critical Enables flashing bootloader related
flashing get_unlock_ability Queries bootloader to see if the
device is unlocked
erase <partition> erase a flash partition
format[:[<fs type>][:[<size>]] <partition> format a flash partition.
Can override the fs type and/or
size the bootloader reports.
getvar <variable> display a bootloader variable
boot <kernel> [ <ramdisk> ] download and boot kernel
flash:raw boot <kernel> [ <ramdisk> ] create bootimage and flash it
devices list all connected devices
continue continue with autoboot
reboot [bootloader] reboot device, optionally into bootloader
reboot-bootloader reboot device into bootloader
help show this help message
-w erase userdata and cache (and format
if supported by partition type)
-u do not first erase partition before
-s <specific device> specify device serial number
or path to device port
-l with "devices", lists device paths
-p <product> specify product name
-c <cmdline> override kernel commandline
-i <vendor id> specify a custom USB vendor id
-b <base_addr> specify a custom kernel base address.
default: 0x10000000
-n <page size> specify the nand page size.
default: 2048
-S <size>[K|M|G] automatically sparse files greater
than size. 0 to disable
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