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Install Python 3.7 on Windows 10 using Anaconda tutorial commands

#find the installed Python version

python --version

#Find the Pip version

pip --version

#Find the Conda version

conda info

#launch Jupyter notebook

jupyter notebook

#Create a virtual environment using conda

conda create -n myenv

#activate the virtual environment

conda activate myenv

#Specify Python 2.7 when creating virtual environment

conda create -n myenv python=2.7

#install the numpy package using conda into the myenv environment

conda install -n myenv numpy

#Register the myenv kernel in Jupyter Notebook

python -m ipykernel --user --name myenv --display-name "New Kernel"

#install the ipykernel package using conda

conda install ipykernel

#List kernels in Jupyter

jupyter kernelspec list

#Delete kernel from Jupyter Notebook

jupyter kernelspec remove myenv

#Install the requests package with Pip

pip install requests

#List packages with Pip

pip list

Visit the tutorial on Coffield Web at:

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