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# Written by Colby Bouma
# This is a script for Mmuni:
# v 003
$Deploy_DB_File = "$env:SYSTEMDRIVE\ProgramData\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy\Database.db"
$Error_Message = "<Error><Message>Aborted</Message><Type>AdminArsenal.Remote.Agent.AbortedException</Type><StackTrace></StackTrace></Error>"
# This is a stripped down version of a function from a blog post I am writing
function Submit-Query ( $Query ) {
$Query_Output = sqlite3.exe "$Deploy_DB_File" "$Query" 2>&1
# I borrowed the error handling from this, but kind of went my own way with it
if ( $Query_Output.Exception -ne $null ) {
Write-Log "ERROR: Submit-Query encountered an error"
Write-Log $Query_Output.Exception
} else {
return $Query_Output
function Write-Log {
$Timestamp = Get-Date -Format "HH:mm:ss.fff"
$Log_Message = "$Timestamp --- $args"
Write-Output $Log_Message
$DeploymentComputerIds_To_Abort = Submit-Query "SELECT DeploymentComputerId FROM DeploymentComputers WHERE Stage = 'Queued';"
ForEach ( $DeploymentComputerId_To_Abort in $DeploymentComputerIds_To_Abort ) {
# Unfortunately the DeploymentUser isn't populated for Queued deployments, so we have to retrieve it from the Credentials table.
$DeploymentId = Submit-Query "SELECT DeploymentId FROM DeploymentComputers WHERE DeploymentComputerId = '$DeploymentComputerId_To_Abort';"
$UserId = Submit-Query "SELECT UserId from Deployments WHERE DeploymentId = '$DeploymentId';"
$DeploymentUser = Submit-Query "SELECT UserName FROM Credentials WHERE CredentialsId = '$UserId';"
Submit-Query "UPDATE DeploymentComputers SET Stage = 'Finished', Error = '$Error_Message', DeploymentUser = '$DeploymentUser' WHERE DeploymentComputerId = '$DeploymentComputerId_To_Abort';"

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Colby-PDQ commented Nov 3, 2017

Oops, I forgot the Write-Log function in version 1.

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