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2019-09-19 Webcast Bonus Content
# Written by Jordan Hammond
###Define Variables
$autopath = "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy\Repository"
$autopackages = @()
$DBPath = "C:\programdata\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy\Database.db"
###Build Package Objects
$test = New-Object psobject -Property @{
Path = "\test"
ScheduleID = "12"
CustomVariable = "MyVer"
$obs = New-Object psobject -Property @{
Path = "\OBS Studio"
ScheduleID = "15"
CustomVariable = "OBSVer"
###Populate Array
$autopackages += $test, $obs
###To core of That Thing We Are Doing
Foreach($Package in $autopackages){
###Check to see if there is a new Package to Update
If((Get-ChildItem -Directory -Path ($autopath + $Package.path)).count -eq "3"){
###Move The old crap to the Audit Folder and Update the Variable in Inventory and Deploy
$archive = Get-ChildItem -Directory -Path ($autopath + $Package.path) | Where{$ -eq "archive"} | select fullname
Get-ChildItem -Directory -Path ($autopath + $Package.path) | Where{$ -ne "archive"} | sort creationtime | select -First 1 | Move-Item -Destination $archive.FullName
$NewerVersion = Get-ChildItem -Directory -Path ($autopath + $Package.path) | Where{$ -ne "archive"}
& pdqdeploy updatecustomvariable -name $Package.CustomVariable -value $NewerVersion.Name
& pdqinventory updatecustomvariable -name $Package.CustomVariable -value $NewerVersion.Name
###Delete Schedule History
$SQLQuery = "Select Name FROM ScheduleComputers WHERE ScheduleId LIKE $($Package.ScheduleID)"
$ScheduleHistory = $SQLQuery | sqlite3.exe $DBPath
foreach($machine in $ScheduleHistory){
& pdqdeploy DeleteScheduleHistory -Computer $machine -Schedule $Package.ScheduleID

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jclambert commented Sep 19, 2019

Interesting... I'll have to play with this.

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