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Last active Jun 23, 2018
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This is a typing test and I'm trying to see how fast I can type. I'm trying to practice my coding skills... well, my typing skills by seeing how fast I can translate my thoughts into words on a computer. The problem with my typing style right now is that I type with my forefingers without utilizing many of my other fingers. Sometimes the occassional index finger, othertimes the ring finger. The thumb seems a reliable finger for manning the space bar so I don't disturb him much.

There is a lack of coordination between the other fingers, but my forefingers seem to be busom buddies, having no trouble whatsoever falling over each other on the keyboard to do my bidding. Sometimes, my fingers try to get cute by getting into positions they've never been in before, this inadvertently ends up costing me dearly because I make mistakes and have to backtrack to fix them. Sometimes my hands will flourish after typing a sentence, for no real reason at all — these are wasteful actions and end up reducing my wpm rate.

And lastly, my fingers can only type as fast as my thoughts let them. The speed of my typing is hindered by the speed at which I'm coming up with these words to type right now, and that's a problem, because it means I'm not thinking as fast as I should be.

Typing code is different from typing words. If you've decided on doing one thing — for example, writing a loop to do something iteratively, you typically don't need to devote too many mental cycles to the loop syntax — you've already mastered that by now — so while typing out the syntax, it becomes easy for your mind to think ahead to what comes after the loop. Verbose languages like Java and C with a lot of boilerplate code are particularly advantageous for the reasons outlined above.

Anyway, this was a great exercise and it only served to show that it was completely useless. I make this level headed judgement as my forefingers continue to furiously type at 95 words per minute, leaving my other fingers wondering what the heck they're doing attached to my hand.

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