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declare module 'bn.js' {
class Red {}
class Mont extends Red {}
export default class BN {
red: Red
constructor (num?: any, base?: number, endian?: string)
static isBN (num: any): num is BN
static max (left: BN, right: BN): BN
static min (left: BN, right: BN): BN
static red (num: BN | string): Red
copy (dest: BN): void
clone (): BN
strip (): BN
inspect (): string
toString (base?: number, padding?: number): string
toNumber (): number
toJSON (): string
toBuffer (endian: string, length: number): Buffer
toArray (endian: string, length: number): Array<number>
toArrayLike (arrayType: ArrayLike<any> | Buffer, endian: string, length: number): ArrayLike<any>
bitLength (): number
zeroBits (): number
byteLength (): number
toTwos (width: number): BN
fromTwos (width: number): BN
isNeg (): boolean
neg (): BN
ineg (): BN
iuor (num: BN): BN
ior (num: BN): BN
or (num: BN): BN
uor (num: BN): BN
iuand (num: BN): BN
iand (num: BN): BN
and (num: BN): BN
uand (num: BN): BN
iuxor (num: BN): BN
ixor (num: BN): BN
xor (num: BN): BN
uxor (num: BN): BN
inotn (width: number): BN
notn (width: number): BN
setn (bit: number, val: boolean): BN
iadd (num: BN): BN
add (num: BN): BN
isub (num: BN): BN
sub (num: BN): BN
mulTo (num: BN, out: BN): BN
mul (num: BN): BN
mulf (num: BN): BN
imul (num: BN): BN
imuln (num: number): BN
muln (num: number): BN
sqr (): BN
isqr (): BN
pow (num: BN): BN
iushln (bits: number): BN
ishln (bits: number): BN
iushrn (bits: number, hint?: number, extended?: BN): BN
ishrn (bits: number, hint?: number, extended?: BN): BN
shln (bits: number): BN
ushln (bits: number): BN
shrn (bits: number): BN
ushrn (bits: number): BN
testn (bit: number): boolean
imaskn (bits: number): BN
maskn (bits: number): BN
iaddn (num: number): BN
isubn (num: number): BN
addn (num: number): BN
subn (num: number): BN
iabs (): BN
abs (): BN
divmod (num: BN, mode: string, positive: boolean): {div: BN, mod: BN}
div (num: BN): BN
mod (num: BN): BN
umod (num: BN): BN
divRound (num: BN): BN
modn (num: number): number
idivn (num: number): BN
divn (num: number): BN
egcd (p: BN): {a: BN, b: BN, gcd: BN}
gcd (num: BN): BN
invm (num: BN): BN
isEven (): boolean
isOdd (): boolean
addln (num: number): number
bincn (bit: number): BN
isZero (): boolean
cmpn (num: number): number
cmp (num: BN): number
ucmp (num: BN): number
gtn (num: number): boolean
gt (num: BN): boolean
gten (num: number): boolean
gte (num: BN): boolean
ltn (num: number): boolean
lt (num: BN): boolean
lten (num: number): boolean
lte (num: BN): boolean
eqn (num: number): boolean
eq (num: BN): boolean
toRed (ctx: Red): BN
fromRed (ctx: Red): BN
forceRed (ctx: Red): BN
redAdd (num: BN): BN
redIAdd (num: BN): BN
redSub (num: BN): BN
redISub (num: BN): BN
redShl (num: BN): BN
redMul (num: BN): BN
redIMul (num: BN): BN
redSqr (): BN
redISqr (): BN
redSqrt (): BN
redInvm (): BN
redNeg (): BN
redPow (num: BN): BN
mont (num: BN): Mont
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