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Last active Sep 29, 2021
How to buy aaBLOCK on Pangolin and redeem it for BLOCK

Buy/trade aaBLOCK on Pangolin

  1. Setup & Fund MetaMask1 w/ AVAX (skip the part about adding PNG token)

  2. Add aaBLOCK token to MetaMask:

    • Open MetaMask1 and scroll to the bottom of your Assets list.
    • Click "Add Token"
    • Select "Custom Token."
    • Paste 0xC931f61B1534EB21D8c11B24f3f5Ab2471d4aB50 into Token Contract Address
  • Click "Next."

Blocknet Wallet v4.0 Upgrade Guide

If you have NOT run Blocknet Comet yet:

  1. Close and quit the Blocknet wallet if it is running.
  2. Download the latest Blocknet wallet.
  3. Install and run the wallet. This will setup the new Blocknet/ data directory (~/.blocknet/ on Linux) and all asociated files.
  4. Close the Blocknet wallet.
  5. Navigate to your OS's respective BlocknetDX/ v3.x data directory. If you used the default data directory you'll find it here:
    1. For Windows: C:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\Roaming\BlocknetDX\
  6. Or paste %appdata%\Roaming\BlocknetDX\ into the file explorer path field

Past Contributions to Blocknet


  • Discovered a path (via Anyswap) to create an ERC20 version of BLOCK (aBLOCK) in less than 2 months, which required very little of Blocknet dev time or Blocknet money. Later, helped to leverage this same work to create an ARC20 (Avalanche bridged) version of BLOCK which now trades on Pangolin as "aaBLOCK."
  • Served as aBLOCK & aaBLOCK embassador, providing liaison & testing services with Anyswap while aBLOCK & aaBLOCK were in development.
  • Wrote a comprehensive Gist about aBLOCK
  • Wrote a comprehensive Gist about aaBLOCK

Hydra & XQuery


Buy/trade aBLOCK and redeem aBLOCK for BLOCK

First, set up MetaMask1...

  1. Open Chrome, FireFox, Brave, or Edge browser, install MetaMask1 as a Browser Extension, then create a MetaMask1 wallet (if you haven't done so previously).

  2. Ensure the Network Dropdown at the top of MetaMask1 is set to Ethereum Mainnet, and that you have some ETH in your MetaMask1 wallet to cover gas fees.

  3. Add the aBLOCK token to MetaMask1:

  • Open MetaMask1 and scroll to the bottom of your Assets list
ConanMishler / gist:3aee51be9cade3284cfa1e57ddb254ff
Last active Jun 11, 2021
Accessing Blocknet RPC URL (for Linux using Command Line Interface)
View gist:3aee51be9cade3284cfa1e57ddb254ff
  1. Download Blocknet Core Wallet (v4.3.1) and extract it in your home (~) directory:
    cd ~
    tar xzvf blocknet-4.3.1-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz

  2. cd ~/blocknet-4.3.1/bin

  3. Start Blocknet daemon to create the ~/.blocknet directory:
    ./blocknetd -daemon