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Arma 3 Discord Rich Presence

Show what you're playing in Arma 3 with Discord Rich Presence.


  • Simple plug and play, works on every mission.
  • Automatically activate rich presence as soon as the client spawns in.
  • Update rich presence information instantly using SQF.
  • SP/MP Compatible.
  • BattlEye whitelisted (can be used on BE protected servers).



For the players

  1. Subscribe to the mod on steam workshop
  2. Enable it in your launcher

For the server owners

  1. Subscribe to the mod on steam workshop
  2. Navigate to the installation folder
  3. Copy the .bikey file
  4. Paste it in your server "keys" folder

For the developers

Copy the following config into a description.ext or config.cpp and fill out the properties to your liking.
The mod first looks for the config in the mission file. If not found, it checks the game config file. If still not found, it uses default values.
This allows you to define rich presence settings for individual mission files and entire mods.

class CfgDiscordRichPresence {
    applicationID="";             // Provided by discord
    defaultDetails="";            // Upper text
    defaultState="";              // Lower text  
    defaultLargeImageKey="";      // Large image
    defaultLargeImageText="";     // Large image hover text
    defaultSmallImageKey="";      // Small image
    defaultSmallImageText="";     // Small image hover text
    useTimeElapsed=1;             // Show time elapsed since the player connected (1 - true, 0 - false)

Use SQF to modify rich presence information

Update tasks

The following tasks use a STRING parameter

  • UpdateDetails
  • UpdateState
  • UpdateLargeImageKey
  • UpdateLargeImageText
  • UpdateSmallImageKey
  • UpdateSmallImageText

The following tasks use a SCALAR parameter

  • UpdatePartySize
  • UpdatePartyMax

The following tasks use an ARRAY parameter

Array format: [hours,minutes] (check below for example)
[0,0] will use the current time.
[] will disable the selected timestamp

  • UpdateStartTimestamp
  • UpdateEndTimestamp (Displayed instead of start timestamp when both are enabled)

Update function

You can use the update function to modify multiple rich presence properties in a single call.

    // ["task",value]
    ["UpdateDetails","New Details"],
    ["UpdateState","New State"],
    ["UpdateLargeImageKey","New Art Asset"],
    ["UpdateSmallImageKey","New Art Asset"],
    ["UpdatePartySize",count playableUnits],
    ["UpdatePartyMax",getNumber(missionConfigFile >> "Header" >> "maxPlayers")],
    ["UpdateStartTimestamp",[-1,-30]], // 1 Hour 30 Mins since mission start
    ["UpdateEndTimestamp",[1,30]] // 1 Hour 30 Mins until mission end
] call (missionNameSpace getVariable ["DiscordRichPresence_fnc_update",{}]);

I recommend using getVariable as shown above when updating so clients without the mod don't get errors about the variable being undefined.

Create your rich presence application

You will need to create a discord application to use rich presence. This application will allow you to choose the game name for clients connected to your server, as well as upload custom images used by largeImageKey and smallImageKey.

  1. Navigate to and log in
  2. Click Create an application.
  3. Enter any name you like and click save.
  4. Copy the client ID and paste it into the applicationID property of your CfgDiscordRichPresence.
  5. Upload custom images by clicking Rich-presence -> Art assets. (Optional)

Video tutorial

Here is a video tutorial showing how to set up your rich presence application. There is no audio to it but it shows you exactly what to do.


You can view the licenses for this mod in the installation folder.

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