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Add data attributes to WordPress image links for use with Fancybox.

Fancybox Data Attributes to Images & Galleries

WordPress Snippet

* Add data attributes for Fancybox
// Gallery images
function ccd_fancybox_gallery_attribute( $content, $id ) {
// Restore title attribute
$title = get_the_title( $id );
return str_replace('<a', '<a data-type="image" data-fancybox="gallery" title="' . esc_attr( $title ) . '" ', $content);
add_filter( 'wp_get_attachment_link', 'ccd_fancybox_gallery_attribute', 10, 4 );
// Single images
function ccd_fancybox_image_attribute( $content ) {
global $post;
$pattern = "/<a(.*?)href=('|\")(.*?).(bmp|gif|jpeg|jpg|png)('|\")(.*?)>/i";
$replace = '<a$1href=$2$3.$4$5 data-type="image" data-fancybox="image">';
$content = preg_replace( $pattern, $replace, $content );
return $content;
add_filter( 'the_content', 'ccd_fancybox_image_attribute' );
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yawarir commented Feb 27, 2018

im using this function and its very very very useful for installing fancybox in wp themes .
very thanks my friend.

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yduke commented Aug 14, 2018

Thanks! Just filled my needs.

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royce002 commented Jan 16, 2019

This got me to where I needed to go too. Thank you!

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jupa8712 commented Apr 3, 2019

Thanks a lot man.

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