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Last active August 31, 2022 10:13
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Implementation of a ContentAPI namespace used to map generated schema typings into content api responses
import {
} from '@strapi/strapi';
// Helper used to add an ID attribute to another type
type WithID = { id: number };
// Values resolvers that we need to replace by custom ones & remove from the base GetAttributesValues implementation
type ExcludedValuesResolvers<T extends Attribute> =
| GetRelationAttributeValue<T>
| GetComponentAttributeValue<T>
| GetDynamicZoneAttributeValue<T>
| GetMediaAttributeValue<T>;
// Custom GetRelationAttributeValue implementation for the content api
type ContentAPIRelationValue<T extends Attribute> = T extends RelationAttribute<
infer _S,
infer R,
infer G
? R extends `${string}Many`
? Omit<ResponseCollection<G>, 'meta'>
: Response<G>
: never;
// Custom GetComponentAttributeValue implementation for the content api
type ContentAPIComponentValue<T extends Attribute> = T extends ComponentAttribute<infer U, infer R>
? WithID & (R extends true ? GetAttributesValues<U>[] : GetAttributesValues<U>)
: never;
// Custom GetMediaAttributeValue implementation for the content api
type ContentAPIMediaValue<T extends Attribute> = T extends MediaAttribute<infer R>
? R extends true
? DataWrapper
: DataWrapper[]
: never;
// Custom GetDynamicZoneAttributeValue implementation for the content api
type ContentAPIDynamicZoneValue<T extends Attribute> = T extends DynamicZoneAttribute<infer C>
? Array<
utils.GetArrayValues<C> extends infer P
? P extends utils.SchemaUID
? GetAttributesValues<P> & { __component: P } & WithID
: never
: never
: never;
// Aggregation of all the custom content api's custom value resolvers
type ContentAPIValueResolvers<T extends Attribute> =
| ContentAPIRelationValue<T>
| ContentAPIComponentValue<T>
| ContentAPIDynamicZoneValue<T>
| ContentAPIMediaValue<T>;
// Custom GetAttributeValue implementation based on specific content api rules
// If the given attribute isn't handled by the custom resolvers, then it'll fallback
// to the base implementation and its resolvers
type GetValue<T extends utils.SchemaUID, U extends GetAttributesKey<T>> = GetAttribute<
> extends infer P
? P extends Attribute
? ContentAPIValueResolvers<P> | Exclude<GetAttributeValue<P>, ExcludedValuesResolvers<P>>
: never
: never;
// Get the list of allowed attributes' names for the content api
// Removes privates and password fields for now
// note: creatorsFields are already handled since their private value is dynamic (set at content-type loading & dumped into the schemas typings)
type GetAllowedAttributesKey<T extends utils.SchemaUID> = GetAttributes<T> extends infer A
? keyof Omit<A, utils.KeysBy<A, PrivateAttribute | PasswordAttribute>>
: never;
// Custom GetAttributesValues implementation which includes specific
// content API logic (sanitation, custom value resolvers, etc...)
type GetAttributesValues<T extends utils.SchemaUID> = {
[key in GetAllowedAttributesKey<T>]?: GetValue<T, key>;
// Wrapper which contains the id/attributes couple, used to type the responses' data property
interface DataWrapper<T extends utils.SchemaUID | null = null> extends WithID {
attributes: T extends utils.SchemaUID ? GetAttributesValues<T> : any;
// Represent a response structure for a single entity
export interface Response<T extends utils.SchemaUID> {
data: DataWrapper<T> | null;
// Represent a response structure for an entity collection
export interface ResponseCollection<T extends utils.SchemaUID> {
data: DataWrapper<T>[] | null;
meta: CollectionMetadata;
export interface CollectionMetadata {
pagination: {
page: number;
pageSize: number;
pageCount: number;
total: number;
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