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A quick example of how abstractions allow runtime substitution
public class Program{
static void Main(string[] args){
ILogger logger;
logger = new BirthdayConsoleLogger();
logger = new ConsoleLogger();
// SomethingThatUsesLoggers doesn't care if we're
// logging birthday messages or not, it just
// wants some kind of logger.
var target = new SomethingThatUsesLoggers(logger);
bool IsUserBirthday(){
// ... logic for determining birthday ...
return true;
public class SomethingThatUsesLoggers{
public SomethingThatUsesLoggers(ILogger logger){
logger.Log("Hello from SomethingThatUsesLoggers Constructor!");
public interface ILogger{
void Log(string message);
public class ConsoleLogger : ILogger {
void Log(string message){
public class BirthdayConsoleLogger : ILogger {
void Log(string message){
Console.WriteLine("A Birthday Message For You: {0}", message);
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