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Last active May 7, 2021 05:59
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random ascii background for neofetch
#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -euo pipefail
# Available distros until version 7.0.0
distro_list=("AIX" "Alpine" "Anarchy" "Android" "Antergos" "antiX" "AOSC"
"Apricity" "ArcoLinux" "ArchBox" "ARCHlabs" "ArchStrike"
"XFerience" "ArchMerge" "Arch" "Artix" "Arya" "Bedrock" "Bitrig"
"BlackArch" "BLAG" "BlankOn" "BlueLight" "bonsai" "BSD"
"BunsenLabs" "Calculate" "Carbs" "CentOS" "Chakra" "ChaletOS"
"Chapeau" "Chrom*" "Cleanjaro" "ClearOS" "Clear_Linux" "Clover"
"Condres" "Container_Linux" "CRUX" "Cucumber" "Debian" "Deepin"
"DesaOS" "Devuan" "DracOS" "DragonFly" "Drauger" "Elementary"
"EndeavourOS" "Endless" "EuroLinux" "Exherbo" "Fedora" "Feren" "FreeBSD"
"FreeMiNT" "Frugalware" "Funtoo" "GalliumOS" "Gentoo" "Pentoo"
"gNewSense" "GNU" "GoboLinux" "Grombyang" "Guix" "Haiku" "Huayra"
"Hyperbola" "janus" "Kali" "KaOS" "KDE_neon" "Kibojoe" "Kogaion"
"Korora" "KSLinux" "Kubuntu" "LEDE" "LFS" "Linux_Lite"
"LMDE" "Lubuntu" "Lunar" "macos" "Mageia" "MagpieOS" "Mandriva"
"Manjaro" "Maui" "Mer" "Minix" "LinuxMint" "MX_Linux" "Namib"
"Neptune" "NetBSD" "Netrunner" "Nitrux" "NixOS" "Nurunner"
"NuTyX" "OBRevenge" "OpenBSD" "OpenIndiana" "OpenMandriva"
"OpenWrt" "osmc" "Oracle" "PacBSD" "Parabola" "Pardus" "Parrot"
"Parsix" "TrueOS" "PCLinuxOS" "Peppermint" "popos" "Porteus"
"PostMarketOS" "Proxmox" "Puppy" "PureOS" "Qubes" "Radix" "Raspbian"
"Reborn_OS" "Redstar" "Redcore" "Redhat" "Refracted_Devuan" "Regata"
"Rosa" "sabotage" "Sabayon" "Sailfish" "SalentOS" "Scientific" "Septor"
"SharkLinux" "Siduction" "Slackware" "SliTaz" "SmartOS" "Solus"
"Source_Mage" "Sparky" "Star" "SteamOS" "SunOS" "openSUSE_Leap"
"openSUSE_Tumbleweed" "openSUSE" "SwagArch" "Tails" "Trisquel"
"Ubuntu-Budgie" "Ubuntu-GNOME" "Ubuntu-MATE" "Ubuntu-Studio" "Ubuntu"
"Void" "Obarun" "windows10" "Windows7" "Xubuntu" "Zorin" "IRIX")
select_from_distro_list() {
# Select a random linux distribution
select_a_distribution="${distro_list[RANDOM % ${#distro_list[@]}]}"
# Write to the Shell
echo "$select_a_distribution"
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Keep this file within your ~/.config/neofetch folder and mark it as an executable.

Replace ascii_distro="auto" (the default)
with ascii_distro=""$($HOME/.config/neofetch/")" or the path you have saved your file.

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