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@Coro365 Coro365/PCF-C18.lircd.conf

Last active Nov 19, 2018
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Lirc configuration file for operating IRIS OHYAMA Fan (PCF-C18)
# Please take the time to finish this file as described in
# and make it available to others by sending it to
# <>
# This config file was automatically generated
# using lirc-0.9.4c(default) on Sat Sep 8 00:33:03 2018
# Command line used: -n -d /dev/lirc0
# Kernel version (uname -r): 4.14.52-v7+
# Remote name (as of config file): PCF-C18
# Brand of remote device: IRIS OHYAMA
# Remote device model nr: PCF-C18 remote
# Remote device info url:
# Type of device controlled: Fan
# Device(s) controlled by this remote: PCF-C18
begin remote
name PCF-C18
bits 32
eps 30
aeps 100
header 9080 4339
one 682 1547
zero 682 436
ptrail 676
repeat 9087 2117
gap 106926
toggle_bit_mask 0x0
frequency 38000
begin codes
power 0x017B00FF 0x7EF7AC0C
high 0x017B10EF 0x7EF7AC0C
mid 0x017B30CF 0x7EF7AC0C
low 0x017B08F7 0x7EF7AC0C
swing 0x017B906F 0x7EF7AC0C
time1 0x017B50AF 0x7EF7AC0C
time2 0x017B708F 0x7EF7AC0C
time4 0x017B48B7 0x7EF7AC0C
end codes
end remote
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