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SuccubusBot Legalese

SuccubusBot Terms of Service

Users must abide by Discord's Terms of Service (

The bot creator is not responsible for any actions committed by its users or any content shown by the bot. All content belongs to their respective owners.

Any abusive and/or platform-disallowed content is being blocked to promote safety and welfare. The bot owner does not condone any harmful or abusive user-generated content the bot may re-post hosted on known service providers. User-generated, and/or indexed content may be linked from any of the service providers and Imagebooru sites that follow: Discord, Imgur, Reddit, Gfycat, Redgifs, nHentai, Hanime, Gelbooru, Danbooru, Safebooru,,, Konachan, e621. We rely on the platform's capability to provide reliable content moderation policies and proper content tagging.

You may report specific Imagebooru tags needing to be banned from the bot globally using the sc!suggest command, or by using the "Report post globally" app button on any of the bot's messages.

Privacy Policy, Data Usage and Collection

We only persistently store user data that is required to make the bot functional and may show a confirmation prompt upon first use. This data does not include any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and may be classed into:

  • Discord Guild IDs, used for guild-specific customizations.
  • Discord Text Channel IDs, for message routing.
  • Discord User IDs, for use on user-specific customizations and functions, including AutoCommands and Manga Pagination.
  • Discord Message Content, for Chatbot context recall.
  • Any user-generated content uploaded by users, for their usage.

To process commands and user interactions, the bot needs to know the command Context which answers: who ran the command (which Discord User), where to reply to (which Discord Text Channel), what bot command was run, and how the bot should process the command depending on the given arguments. Command invocation data is not stored persistently and only exists within the working program memory of the bot's server hosting provider "OVH SAS" located in Quebec, Canada.

Data Security

The bot's database may only be managed by the main bot developer. All persistent user-generated data are stored under a secure instance of MySQL or its derivative, MariaDB. It is secured behind strong password protection, and container-network-only access, meaning only the bot, or Secure Shell (SSH) users of the bot's hosting server can access said data via a secured SSH server process with SSH key-only authentication and an arbitrary port to prevent intrusion attempts. Critical security patches are periodically applied.

The SSH key is generated locally on the Bot Developer's computer system with OpenSSH following strict cryptographic standards.

All necessary software and network security measures have been taken to ensure the security of the bot's hosting server against intrusion.

Right to be forgotten

Please contact the bot developer on Discord directly via the Username or via the e-mail address mcpe4life62 at gmail dot com.

Due to technical limitations, we would not be able to remove any output sent to Discord's servers, as we do not log or store any links to bot replies, more-so guarantee access to channels the messages were sent to.


All changes to these documents are versioned by GitHub Gists; to provide revision information in git-diff styled change logs. Any notification of change to these documents is not guaranteed, due to message broadcast limitations.

Major changes would be announced through our bot support Discord Server (, however, this will not include minor changes such as fixes to typographical errors or updates to terminologies and feature sets (that do not require more user information than already mentioned)

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