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# Leadership
Syncinus, I think it’s best if you and the other devs hunker down and keep developing ArraX while I’m gone.
You are my deputy. You will be the king of ArraX while I’m gone.
If you choose to actively promote ArraX, you need 1) get confirmed 60fps under multiple tests 2) get a discussable gamemode in- the one I have in mind is CTHD 3) set up a system where you can buy servers dynamically based on how much demand.
It is absolutely imperative that you DO NOT promote ArraX until all 3 conditions are met. When I am back on the 5th, I can help implement all 3. It is crucial because you only have ONE chance to sell ArraX to Diep players.
## Motivation
Motivation and other’s self-confidence is a crucial element of how effective you effecticw your team is. Trust me on this one. Different things motivate different people. I nudge developers into working on Arras by giving them the self-confidence to try. I remind them that if they fail, as long as they tried, they can always talk about their failure.
VarixDog. Highly motivated. Working on Melon Wars. Feed him what he needs to work. Be nice, but also be ch
Poseidon. You need to harness him. You need to make it fun for him.
Other people. Check in on what they’re doing.
Remember, your goal here is not to design the best system, write the most code, it’s to achieve the most RESULTS
**Find out what other people what they need to succeed, and give them it.**
1. Find smart people
2. Give them what they need to succeed
The Arras community is like a piece of magnetic rock. **If you align all the vectors of effort in the same direction, you get a powerful magnet. ** In December of 2018, we shipped predator camera, Maze mode, and a new minimap. Every single one of those efforts was done by people working together. In other words, if you can motivate and coordinate people to work together,
**Suggestion:** set a goal everybody can participate in, and get people on board to help on it. I feel that Melon Wars should be this goal— you need to get
I won’t meddle with your efforts when I’m in New York. These other developers- harness them. all yours for four days.
Tips: Tell others that you are THE leader, the one that will lead ArraX to glorious popularity for all developers. Congratulate people and recognize them. If you deploy someone else’s code, give them credit. Help other people learn.
Back in the old days, before you arrived, I saw what the Arras developer community could achieve when it worked together as a team. CX didn’t build Arras into what it is today- the community did. I really believe that.
Gamemode.js is really, really helpful for developing gamemodes. Continue to promote it.
**You need to show people their work matters.** A good way of showing people that their work matters is by **showing them a focus group they can make happy**.
**Keep an eye out for fresh Arras talent, and invite them to ArraX if you think they have a role.** Scan #arras-coding, #arras-supporting, ATD, and r/Arrasio once a day.
Give other people **power and freedom**. Give developers the power (the technical ability to know how to) and the freedom (the physical ability to) put their work in front of an real audience.
If Surprise’s people aren’t interested, go digging for another discord that will excitedly try Melon Wars.
## Final Notes
You should tell Reflection, YKW, Stradpult and Surprise to send what they’d normally send to me to you.
You are a smart person. Your skills are very impressive. You are and will remain my co-dev. I trust you, and I know you can do this if you try.
YKW has resources and intelligence on Axis and CX’s movements. YKW is eager to do tasks for you. Reflection can test things for you.
I have blind spots. You have blind spots. Having team members is great because they catch your blind spots.
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