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Created January 16, 2015 08:47
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Error logging services and frameworks

Error logging

Why? Because this is the only way to find all errors your users see but you don't. Only thing left that could fail without you knowing about it is the service or framework itself so let's hope that's well tested or... errorception!

I guess it should possible to log something like "okay, I'm loaded and ready to catch them errors" to make sure everything works as expected but I degress.

You can also read something like about JS error tracking.

Below you will find some resources I collected during a very not extensive Google search, I might add more later.


Services do all the logging for you and give you a nice (hopefully) GUI to use. Included some pricing information but for the full picture visit their websites.


Frameworks are only the client side code, you need to do all the logging yourself. At least these are free!

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I think tracking JavaScript errors will be a big thing because they allow you to focus on code instead of browser quirks, which you can solve as they appear later.

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