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Variadic compose by multiple calls
var compose = function compose(f) {
var queue = f ? [f] : [];
var fn = function fn(g) {
if (arguments.length) {
return fn;
return function() {
var args =;
queue.forEach(function(func) {
args = [func.apply(this, args)];
return args[0];
return fn;
var add1 = function(x) {return x + 1;};
var mult2 = function(x) {return x * 2;};
var square = function(x) {return x * x;};
var negate = function(x) {return -x;};
var f = compose(add1)(mult2)(square)(negate)();
console.assert(-36, f(2), "f(2)");

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zhirzh commented Jun 8, 2016

this is currying, not composing.
composing would have [psuedo] syntax like:

function compose(f, g, h) {
  return function(x) {
    return f(g(h(x)));
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