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List of resources mostly related to Shaders and Unity ~

Unity (Official)

{Unity, URP} URP Docs
{Unity, HDRP} HDRP Docs
{Unity, Shader Graph} Shader Graph Docs
{Unity, URP, HDRP, Shader Graph, VFX Graph} Rendering & Visual Effects Roadmap
{Unity} Github > C# Reference
{Unity} Github > Graphics - SRP core, URP, HDRP, Shader Graph, etc.
{Unity} Github > URP ShaderLibrary
{Unity} Github > URP Shaders
{Unity} Github > URP Rendering Examples
{Unity} Github > BoatAttack Demo
{Unity} Github > BoatAttack Demo PlanarReflection.cs\

Unity Blog Articles

{Unity} Free VFX Image Sequences & Flipbooks (Nov 2016)
{Unity} Stripping Scriptable Shader Variants (May 2018)
{Unity} Custom Lighting in Shader Graph (July 2019)
{Unity} Normal map compositing using the surface gradient framework in Shader Graph (Nov 2019)\

Unity E-Books

{Unity} Unity Blog - E-book topic
{Unity} Ultimate guide to profiling Unity games
{Unity} Unity for Technical Artists: key toolsets and workflows (2020)
{Unity} Unity for Technical Artists: Key toolsets and workflows (2021)
{Unity, URP} How to achieve optimized high-fidelity real-time lighting for games in Unity
{Unity, URP} Introduction to the Universal Render Pipeline for advanced Unity creators
{Unity, URP, HLSL, Shader Graph} Recipes for popular visual effects using the Universal Render Pipeline
{Unity, VFX Graph} The definitive guide to creating advanced visual effects in Unity\

Sites / Blogs

{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Harry Alisavakis - Unity Shader Tutorials for Built-in RP. Weekly collections of tech art from twitter (Technically Art). ShaderQuest series
{Unity, BiRP, CustomSRP, HLSL, C#} Catlike Coding - Unity Shader & C# Tutorials for Built-in RP. Also has Custom SRP series.
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL, URP, Shader Graph} MinionsArt - Tutorials for Unity Built-in RP and Shader Graph (URP), as well as 3D Modelling & Texturing
{Unity, URP, Shader Graph, HLSL} Alexander Ameye
{Unreal, Unity, URP, Shader Graph} Joyrok
{Unity, URP} Euri Herasme - Not many tutorials/breakdowns yet but some cool shaders to look at
Simon Trümpler / Simonschreibt - Game Art Tricks, Design Tricks, etc
{Unreal} Froyok - Some neat technical art articles with focus in Unreal Engine, as well as breakdowns of models/textures & rendering techniques in games like Shadow of the Colossus, Batman : Arkham City and Assassins Creed II
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Ben Golus
{GLSL} Inigo Quilez - GLSL
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Alan Zucconi - Various Tutorials, including Unity Shaders for Built-in RP
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Ronja - Unity Shader Tutorials for Built-in RP
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Linden Reid - Unity Shader Tutorials for Built-in RP
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Roystan - Unity Tutorials for Built-in RP
{Unity, URP, Shader Graph} Daniel Illet - Unity Shader Tutorials mostly for Shader Graph (URP)
{Unity, BiRP, AmplifySE} Inresin - A few Unity Shader Tutorials for Built-in RP (Amplify Shader Editor)
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL, Compute} Lexdev - A few Unity Shader Tutorials for Built-in RP, including Compute Shaders
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} BruteForceGame
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Youtube > Makin' Stuff Look Good in Unity
{Unity, URP, Shader Graph, HLSL} Youtube > Ned Makes Games
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Youtube > Sebastian Lague
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Patreon > Team Dogpit (aka Xibanya)
{GLSL} The Book of Shaders - GLSL
{Unity, URP, Shader Graph, HLSL} Cyanilux - It's me!
{Unity} The Unity Library (Stelabouras) - Site of linked resources, similar to this page
Graphics Programming weekly (Jendrik Illner) - Weekly issues collecting links to articles/videos related to computer graphics
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL, URP, Shader Graph, C#} Febucci - A few Unity tutorials, including examples for both URP / Shader Graph & Built-in RP (HLSL)
Freya Holmér's Math Visualizations - Collection of tweets visualising maths concepts/functions/etc.\

Introduction to Shaders & Shader Basics

{Unity, ShaderLab, HLSL} Intro to Shaders (Cyanilux)
{Unity, Shader Graph} Intro to Shader Graph (Cyanilux)
{Unity, ShaderLab, HLSL, Shader Graph, AmplifySE, Unreal} ShaderQuest (Harry Alisavakis) - Series of articles that goes through the basics of shaders/materials for multiple pipelines. Includes HLSL shader code and graph editors : Shader Graph, Amplify Shader Editor as well as Unreal Engine's material graph editor
{Unity, BiRP, ShaderLab, HLSL} Youtube (Freya Holmér) > Shaders for Gamedev Playlist - Detailed videos that go through the basics of shaders. Focuses on BiRP but still applies to HLSL in URP
{Unity, HLSL} Twitter (Freya Holmér) > Lerp, Inverse Lerp & Remap
{Unity, BiRP, ShaderLab, HLSL} A gentle introduction to shaders (Alan Zucconi)
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Shader Fundamentals (CatlikeCoding) - Also shows compiled shader code examples
World, View & Projection Transformation Matrices (CodingLabs) - Not for Unity specifically but general overview of different spaces commonly used in computer graphics
Coordinate Systems (Learn OpenGL) - Not for Unity specifically but general overview of different spaces commonly used in computer graphics (Object, World, View, Clip and Screen / Normalised Device Coordinates)\

Shader Code

{Unity, ShaderLab} Unity Docs > ShaderLab Reference
{Unity, HLSL} Shader Viewer (Built-in RP) (Xibanya)
{Unity, HLSL} Shader Viewer (URP) (Xibanya)
{Unity, URP, HLSL}Writing Shader Code in URP (Cyanilux, May 2021)
{Unity, URP, HLSL} Porting Shader Code from Built-in RP to LWRP (johnsietsma, Oct 2018)
{Unity, URP, HLSL} Github (Cyanilux) > URP Shader Code Templates
{Unity, URP, HLSL} Github (phi-lira) > URP Shader Examples
{Unity, URP, HLSL} Github Gist (phi-lira) > URP PBR Template
{Unity, URP, HLSL} Github (ColinLeung-NiloCat) > URP Toon Lit Shader Example
{Unity, URP, HLSL} Github (ColinLeung-NiloCat) > URP Surface Shader Solution
{Unity, ShaderLab} Github (totallyRonja) > Gradient Material Property Drawer - Material Property Drawer for [Gradient] shader code property attribute which lets you edit a texture as a gradient\

Shader Branching, Screenspace Derivatives, Mip-Mapping, Profiling & Optimisation

Youtube (SimonDev) > When Optimisations Work, But for the Wrong Reasons - Interesting video about Level Of Detail (LOD) optimisations in rendering. Provides an in-depth look at why small/thin triangles are costly for GPU performance
{Unity} Branching on a GPU (Jason Booth, Dec 2021) - Some tips about branching in shaders
{Unity} Unity Forums - Some more advanced shader questions - Questions/Answers about Branching, Performance costs
{Unity, HLSL, Compute} Youtube (Jump Trajectory) > You Might Be Thinking About Shader Performance Wrong - GPU Memory, Latency Hiding, Texture Format, Mip-Mapping, Channel Packing, Shared Memory in Compute Shaders
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Sharper Mipmapping using Shader Based Supersampling (Ben Golus, Aug 2019) - Written for Built-in RP but can still be applied to HLSL in URP/HDRP
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Distinctive Derivative Differences (Ben Golus, Apr 2021) - Written for Built-in RP but can still be applied to HLSL in URP/HDRP
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Partial Derivatives (ddx, ddy, fwidth) (Ronja)
Mip Map Folding\


{Unity, URP, Shader Graph} Water Shader Breakdown (Cyanilux)
{Unity, URP, Shader Graph} Whirlpool Shader Breakdown (Cyanilux)
{Unity, URP, Shader Graph} Unity Asset Store (Alexander Ameye) > Stylized Water for URP (Free)
{Unity, Shader Graph} Shaders Done Quick - Stylized Water (Alexander Ameye)
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Interactive Water (MinionsArt)
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Quick Game Art Tips - Stylized Water (MinionsArt)
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Quick Game Art Tips - Waterfall (MinionsArt) - Also see improved waterfall
{Unity, URP, Shader Graph} Interactive Water - Shader Graph Version (MinionsArt)
{Unity, URP, Shader Graph} Liquid, Triplanar & Waterfall Shader Graphs (MinionsArt) - Also see improved waterfall
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Believable Caustics Reflections (Alan Zucconi) - A method of achieving believable caustics by sampling a caustics texture twice with different panning offset/scales and combining using the min operation. Also provides an example to add chromatic aberration by using additional texture samples.
{Unity, URP, HLSL} Rendering Realtime Caustics (Alexander Ameye) - Rendering a caustics effect on a mesh volume, by reconstructing world position from depth & masking. Also using Cull Front and ZTest Always to allow the camera to go inside the volume, useful if the camera needs to be able to go underwater. Also provides an example to add chromatic aberration by using additional texture samples.
{Unity, URP, Shader Graph} Stylized Water Shader (Alexander Ameye) - Detailed tutorial that includes the steps to make a stylised water shader.
Artstation (Darin Aranda) - Mizuchi Shield - Great water spell VFX with visual breakdown of separate components\

Fluid Dynamics Simulation

GPUGems - Chapter 38. Fast Fluid Dynamics Simulation on the GPU (alternative link)
Gentle Introduction to Realtime Fluid Simulation for Programmers and Technical Artists (Shahriar Shahrabi)\

Grass & Foliage

{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Grass Geometry Shader (Roystan)
{Unity, URP, HLSL} Github (Cyanilux) > URP Grass Geometry Shader
{Unity, BiRP, AmplifySE} Youtube (Pontus Karlsson) > Fluffy Stylized Trees - Shader that converts quad based mesh to billboards. Also has Shader Graph screenshot in comments which may work for URP/HDRP
{Unity, URP, Shader Graph} Foliage Shader Breakdown (Cyanilux) - Generating foliage mesh from baking particle systems while editing normals to use normalised vertex positions to simulate normals of a sphere to achieve a soft shading
Youtube (GDC / Eric Wohllaib) > Procedural Grass in 'Ghost of Tsushima'
Youtube (GDC / Gilbert Sanders) > The Vegetation of Horizon Zero Dawn - Detailed talk into how the rendering of trees, plants and grass was achieved in Horizon Zero Dawn. Also see here for slides
{Unity} The creation of an optimized Procedural Grass System (Sapra Projects)\

Clouds & Skybox

{Unity, BiRP, AmplifySE} Clouds Shader Breakdown (AlexStrook) - Mesh based clouds with displacement from scrolling noise
{Unity, URP, Shader Graph} Clouds Shader Breakdown (Cyanilux) - Mesh/Plane based clouds with displacement from scrolling noise. Shader Graph
{Unity, URP, Shader Graph} Reaching for the Stars - Procedural Skybox (Jannik Boysen)
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Stylised Procedural Skybox Shader - For Built-in RP, though the shader is unlit and might still work in URP
{Unity, URP, HLSL} Procedural Skybox Shader (Kelvin van Hoorn)\

Parallax & Interior Mapping

{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Parallax Shader Effects for Ice/Gems (MinionsArt)
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} My take on shaders : Parallax effect (part 1) (Harry Alisavakis) - Also see part 2
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} My take on shaders : Interior Mapping (Harry Alisavakis)
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Parallax Mapping (CatlikeCoding)
{GLSL} Parallax Occlusion Mapping in GLSL
{Unity, BiRP, AmplifySE} Ice Shader Parallax Effect (Loic Cayuela / cayou66)\


{Unity, HLSL, Shader Graph} Depth (Cyanilux) - A big post explaining everything about Depth : Depth Buffer, Depth Texture / Scene Depth node, SV_Depth, Reconstructing World Position from Depth, etc.\


{Unity, HLSL} 5 ways to draw an outline (Alexander Ameye)
{Unity, URP, Shader Graph} Outline Post Process in URP / Fullscreen Shader Graph (Daniel Ilett) - Tutorial explaining the new Fullscreen Graph type and Fullscreen Renderer Feature included in URP / Unity 2022.2+ to create edge-detection outlines based on normals and colour.
{Unity, URP, HLSL, Shader Graph} Edge detection outlines (Alexander Ameye) - Creating a Scriptable Render Feature to do a normals texture to apply Outlines / Edge Detection (Roberts Cross) either on object shaders or as a fullscreen image effect with an additional blit feature
{Unity, URP} Github (Anthelmed) - Unity-URP-Blurred-Buffer-Outlines
{Unity, HLSL} The quest for very wide outlines (Ben Golus)
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL, C#} Youtube (Makin' Stuff Look Good) > Shader Case Study - Glowing Object Outlines - Tutorial making glowing object outlines as a fullscreen image effect through replacement shaders, blurring, and compositing result with main camera
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Outline Shader (Roystan) - Edge Detection (Roberts Cross), using Post Processing Stack V2
{Unity, URP, HLSL} Github (Unity) > Universal Rendering Examples - Outlines - Includes 'Inverted-Hull' style outline shader (ToonBasicOutline.shader) applied with RenderObjects feature or as a second material. Also includes an Edge Detection (Sobel) example via fullscreen image effect (SobelFilter.shader), applied with a blit feature (DrawFullscreenFeature.cs)
{Unity, URP, HLSL, Shader Graph} Youtube (NedMakesGames) > Outline Playlist - Youtube Playlist of various outline techniques, including Inverted-Hull and Edge Detection (Sobel) methods.
{Unity, URP, Shader Graph} Easy Outlines (Daniel Ilett) - Inverted-Hull style outlines in Shader Graph. Note the usage of double-sided rendering and alpha clipping front faces is more expensive than "Cull Front" used in shader code. Newer versions of Shader Graph (2021.2+) now have the ability to "Render Face : Back" in Graph Settings (meaning you'd then only need the vertex shifting part of the graph)
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Colored Outline Shader (Linden Reid) - Inverted-Hull style outlines that also sample character texture\

Lighting, Baked GI and Deferred

{Unity} Lightmap/Baked GI Troubleshooting Guide - A very useful guide featuring solutions to common lightmapping problems
{Unity} Global Illumination Learning Resources - List of GI resources
{Unity, URP} Youtube (Unity) > Harnessing Light with URP and the GPU Lightmapper (Unite Now 2020) - Understanding how lights and shadows work in URP. Learn how to set up a scenario with a mix of real-time shadows, Light Probes, and baked GI.
{Unity, BiRP} Deferred Shading (CatlikeCoding)
{Unity, BiRP} Shaders For People Who Don't Know How To : Deferred (Team Dogpit, aka Xibanya)
{HLSL} Rendering Line Lights - An article about implementing line-shaped lights
{Unity, URP, BiRP, HLSL} Wind Waker Style Stencil Lights (MinionsArt)\

Vertex Displacement & Soft-body

{Unity, BiRP} Soft-body Shader (Crumble, BruteForceGame)
{Unity, URP, Shader Graph} Shader Graph Baked Rigidbody Animation using Vertex Animation Textures (Vadim, Sept 2019) - LWRP/URP
Physics of JellyCar: Soft-body Physics Explained
Soft Body Physics Explained\

Paint / Goop

{Unity} Bleeding Edge Effects on Mobile - Dynamic painting to UVs for 3D objects (3:27+). Soft-body Deformation (10:48+). Also a little gross. They are using LWRP/URP with a mix of HLSL and Shader Graph but technique isn't that pipeline-specific. Their C# side code also looks more like what you'd use in BiRP.
{Unity, URP} Splatoon's Ink System (Mix and Jam)
{Unity, URP, Shader Graph, HLSL, C#} Splatoon Painting Effect (TNTC) - Uses URP with a mix of HLSL and Shader Graph but technique isn't that pipeline-specific. Much of the C# side code and HLSL looks the same as what you'd use in BiRP too.\


{Unity, URP} Github (Kink3d) > kDecals - Projection Decals for URP
{Unity, URP, HLSL} Github (ColinLeung-NiloCat) > URP Unlit Screen Space Decal Shader
{Unity, URP, Shader Graph} Github (Harry-Heath) > URP Decal Node - Shader Graph node/subgraph that allows you to create custom decals\

Terrain Blending

{Unity, BiRP, C#, AmplifySE} Blending Meshes into Terrain (Inresin)
Deus Ex - Alpha Terrain (Simonschreibt)\

Fog of War

{Unity, BiRP, C#, Compute Shader, HLSL} Recreating Civ VI Fog of War Effect (Lexdev)\

Subsurface Scattering

{Unity, URP, HLSL} Fast Subsurface Scattering (John Austin, May 2020)\

Signed Distance Fields

Inigo Quilez > 3D SDF Functions
Inigo Quilez > 2D SDF Functions
{Unreal} Slime Rancher Faces : Behind the Scenes (PolygonCherub, Monomi Park)
{Unreal} Joyrok > What are SDFs Anyway?\


{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Raymarching Distance Fields : Concepts and Implementation in Unity (Adrianb)
{Unity, URP, HLSL} Stained Glass - Volumetric Light Shafts (Euri Herasme)
{Unity, URP, C#, HLSL} Raymarched Volumetric Lighting in URP (Valerio Marty) - Also see Part 2, Coloring Light as it passes through Stained Glass
{Unreal, HLSL} Creating a Volumetric Ray Marcher
{Unity, URP} Github (Andicraft) - VolumetricFog-URP2022 - Volumetric Fog for URP 2022. Created with the Forward+ renderer in mind.\


GDC/ADDON 2022: How (not) to create Textures for VFX (Simon Trümpler / Simonschreibt) - Useful talk that goes through methods of creating textures for VFX. Including Fire/Explosions, Clouds, Flares, Lightning, Water Splashes, Waterfall and mentions shader techniques like Lookup Textures (LUT), UV Distortion, Erosion and Channel Packing.
Textures for VFX - Database (Simon Trümpler / Simonschreibt)
{Unity} Tunic | Unity Creator Spotlight\

Noise & Texture Generation

{Unity} Mixture - A node-based tool used to generate all kinds of static (saved as PNG) and realtime textures (uses Custom Render Texture). Supports using custom shaders & Shader Graphs in Mixture too.
TextureLab - A node-based tool designed to make procedural texture generation fast, simple and free
Perlin Noise: A Procedural Generation Algorithm (Raouf) - An article which explains the Perlin Noise algorithm
The Perlin Problem: Moving Past Square Noise ( - An article that goes over the main flaw of Perlin (and Value) noise (alignment to square grid), introduces Simplex noise and Domain Rotation as alternatives
{GLSL} Band Limiting (Inigo Quilez) - A method of reducing aliasing artifacts for runtime procedural patterns/noise
Effect Texture Maker\


{Unity, URP, HLSL} Basic Tessellation Setup for URP (MinionsArt)
{Unity, URP, HLSL} Youtube (NedMakesGames) > Mastering Tessellation - Detailed introduction to Tessellation for Shader Code (URP, but not that pipeline specific so may still be useful for BiRP and HDRP). Also alternative article version\


{Unity, URP} Youtube (Unity) > URP 2D Pixel Perfect Lights & Particles\

Batching, GPU Instancing, DrawMeshInstanced & DrawMeshInstancedIndirect

{Unity} Unity Forums Answer (Ben Golus) - Brief description of each batching method (Dynamic, Static, GPU Instancing and SRP Batching) and their benefits
{Unity} Unity Docs > Draw call batching
{Unity, URP, HDRP, CustomSRP} Unity Docs > SRP Batcher
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Unity Docs > GPU Instancing
{Unity, BiRP, C#, HLSL, Compute Shader} Drawing Thousands of Meshes with DrawMeshInstanced / Indirect (Toqoz) - Good article that provides example C# and shader code for the usage of Graphics.DrawMeshInstanced(Indirect) to efficiently render thousands of meshes, also with a compute shader example to apply movement
{Unity, URP, C#, HLSL, Compute Shader} Github (ColinLeung-NiloCat) > URP Mobile DrawMeshInstancedIndirect Example\

Custom SRP

{Unity, CustomSRP} Github (phi-lira) > Custom SRP Template
{Unity, CustomSRP} Youtube (Unity) > Custom SRP & Graphics Workflows | Battle Planet - Judgement Day (Unite Copenhagen 2019)\

Post Processing

{Unity, URP, C#, Shader Graph, HLSL} Custom Post Processing in URP (Febucci)\


{Unity, C#} Orbit Tessellation (Kerbal Space Program, Developer Insights #9)
{Unity} The Art of Outer Wilds | Unity Creator Spotlight
{Unity} Unity Creator Spotlight Playlist
Easing Functions
Physically Based Values for CG Artists\

Shader Graph Tools & Custom Functions

{Unity, Shader Graph} Github (Cyanilux) > Shader Graph Variables - Adds Register Variable and Get Variable nodes to Shader Graph, allowing you to link sections of a graph without connection wires
{Unity, Shader Graph} Github (Cyanilux) > Shader Graph To PNG - Screenshots a Shader Graph in multiple sections, stitches them together and saves the result as a PNG.
{Unity, URP, Shader Graph} Github (Cyanilux) > URP Shader Graph Custom Lighting - Custom Functions & SubGraphs for Main & Additional Lights and Shadows. Works in an Unlit Graph.
{Unity, URP, Shader Graph} Github (ciro-unity) > BotW-ToonShader CustomLighting.hlsl - URP
{Unity, URP, Shader Graph} Github (ccontinisio) - Toon Shader for Unity
{Unity, Shader Graph} Github (RemyUnity) > Shader Graph Node Library - Adds useful nodes, 3D noise functions
{Unity, Shader Graph} Github (JimmyCushnie) > Noisy Nodes - Adds various noise-generation nodes to Shader Graph, including 3D noise
{Unity, Shader Graph} Shader Graph Custom Function Nodes Collection (Tim Coster, Sep 2020)\

Other Useful Github Repos/Gists

{Unity, URP} Github (Cyanilux) > URP Blit Renderer Feature
{Unity} Github Gist (Cyanilux) > Tex2DArray Creator - EditorWindow for creating & editing Texture 2D Arrays
{Unity, URP} Github (Kink3d) > kMirrors - Planar Reflections for URP
{Unity, URP, Shader Graph} Github (ryanslikesocool) > Mecanim2Texture - Bake Mecanim skinned mesh animations to 2D textures to be used in shaders (including Shader Graph nodes)
{Unity, BiRP, HLSL} Github (keijiro) > DepthInverseProjection - For Built-in RP w/ PPv2
{Unity, C#} Github (Zalo) > Math Utilities - A collection of some of the neat math and physics tricks. Includes : Generalized Mesh Deformation, Signed Distance Field Texture Rendering, Kabsch/Procrustes Analysis (calculating optimial rotation matrix for two paired set of points), Least Squares Line/Plane Fitting, Stereographic/Fisheye Camera, Verlet (Softbody/Cloth, Rigidbody, and Chain), Kalman Filter, Constraints/Inverse Kinematics, Bidirectional Raycasting, and more.\

Portals & Non-Euclidean / Impossible Geometry

{Unreal} Youtube - Creating Portals in Unreal for Psychonauts 2
{Unity} Youtube (Sebastian Lague) - Coding Adventure: Portals
{Unity} Portals Series (Daniel Ilett)
{Unity} Multiple Recursive Portals and AI In Unity Part 1: Basic portal rendering
{Unity, BiRP} A Look at Spyro's Portals - Rendering the Background
{Unity, BiRP} Impossible Geometry: Non-Euclidean Cubes - Using stencil buffer to create cubes which change their interior based on which side you look through, inspired by Antichamber\

Procedural Generation

Hexagonal Grids (Red Blob Games)
Voronoi Maps (Red Blob Games)
Github (mxgmn) - Wave Function Collapse
Youtube > Everything Procedural Conference 2018 - Wave Function Collapse in Bad North (Oskar Stålberg)
Youtube > Organic Towns from Square Tiles - IndieCade Europe 2019 (Oskar Stålberg)
Youtube (Martin Donald) > Superpositions, Sudoku, the Wave Function Collapse algorithm
Constraint-Based Tile Generators (BorisTheBrave)
Half-Edge Data Structure\

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