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-- autosave.lua
-- Periodically saves "watch later" data during playback, rather than only saving on quit.
-- This lets you easily recover your position in the case of an ungraceful shutdown of mpv (crash, power failure, etc.).
-- You can configure the save period by creating a "lua-settings" directory inside your mpv configuration directory.
-- Inside the "lua-settings" directory, create a file named "autosave.conf".
-- The save period can be set like so:
-- save_period=60
-- This will set the save period to once every 60 seconds of playback, time while paused is not counted towards the save period timer.
-- The default save period is 30 seconds.
local options = require 'mp.options'
local o = {
save_period = 30
local mp = require 'mp'
local function save()
mp.commandv("set", "msg-level", "cplayer=warn")
mp.commandv("set", "msg-level", "cplayer=status")
local save_period_timer = mp.add_periodic_timer(o.save_period, save)
local function pause(name, paused)
if paused then
mp.observe_property("pause", "bool", pause)
mp.register_event("file-loaded", save)
local function end_file(data)
if data.reason == 'eof' or data.reason == 'stop' then
local playlist = mp.get_property_native('playlist')
for i, entry in pairs(playlist) do
if == data.playlist_entry_id then
mp.commandv("delete-watch-later-config", entry.filename)
mp.register_event("end-file", end_file)
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dguan4 commented May 20, 2022

Wanted to ask - how would you implement a matcher to prevent saving for certain file path/names? For instance there's a folder of videos where I always want to start at the beginning regardless of where I end. Thanks for this though - super useful!

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CyberShadow commented May 21, 2022

Probably by checking mp.get_property("filename") in the save function?

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dguan4 commented May 22, 2022

Yep I ended up creating another variable in the o object to store a list of Folder names and calling mp.get_property("working-directory") instead and looping through it for excluded filepath/folder names. One thing I couldn't get working is having an override variable in autosave.conf for the excluded names since it's in format {'Test', 'Test2', ...} but it seems to parse the entire thing as a string instead, though I suppose that's more of a lua question. Thanks!

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CyberShadow commented May 22, 2022

Yeah, I think it reads the file with the same parser as for mpv.conf, which doesn't seem to support things like lists.

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