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Created April 19, 2019 10:27
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# 2019 by Cyrus
from __future__ import print_function
from bcc import BPF
# load BPF program
b = BPF(text="""
BPF_HASH(time, u64);
BPF_HASH(size, u64, int);
TRACEPOINT_PROBE(block, block_rq_complete) {
u64 pid = (u32)args->dev;
u64 tsp = bpf_ktime_get_ns();
u64 *tsp0 = time.lookup(&pid);
int *blocksize = size.lookup(&pid);
if (tsp0 != 0 && blocksize != 0) {
bpf_trace_printk("%d,%d\\n", tsp - *tsp0, *blocksize);
return 0;
TRACEPOINT_PROBE(block, block_rq_issue) {
u64 pid = args->dev;
u64 tsp = bpf_ktime_get_ns();
time.update(&pid, &tsp);
int blocksize = args->bytes;
size.update(&pid, &blocksize);
return 0;
# header
print("%-18s %-8s %-10s %s" % ("TIME(s)", "PID", "DELTA(ms)", "BLOCKSIZE(bytes)"))
# format output
while 1:
(task, pid, cpu, flags, ts, msg) = b.trace_fields()
delta, size = msg.split(",")
except ValueError:
print("%-18.9f %-8s %-10d %s" % (ts, pid, int(delta)/100000, size))
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delta, size = msg.split(",")

delta, size = msg.decode().split(",")

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