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Assumptions: You are using the SCSS flavor of SASS; even if you don't have SASS installed on the system you're using this on, you have it and compass installed on a machine you have SSH access to. Installation: 1) you *must* create a symbolic link to this in your .git/hooks directory "ln -s /path/to/git/hook/in/source/control /path/to/.git/hooks…
# Create a symbolic link to this in the .git/hooks directory
if [ $(git diff HEAD@{1} HEAD --name-only | grep -E 'style.scss' -c) -ne 0 ]; then
echo "style.scss changed, compiling"
if type "sass" > /dev/null 2>&1; then
sass --scss --compass -lC $theme_path/style.scss > $theme_path/style.css;
cat $theme_path/style.scss | ssh XXX@YYY.ZZZ \
"sass --scss --compass --no-cache --style compressed" \
> $theme_path/style.css
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