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@DCCoder90 DCCoder90/binary.cs
Created Sep 30, 2019

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Quick and dirty example of a binary search (using LinqPad)
void Main()
int[] intArray = new int[]{ 51,83,2523,2452,124,656,254,115,15,5,5,15,156,4378,568,4,37,2,72,2,8,9,10,234,39,23,56,1,63,33};
var list = intArray.ToList();
var find = search(list,656);
public bool search(IEnumerable<int> array, int value){
var contents = array.ToList();
var length = contents.Count()/2;
var midway = contents.ElementAt(length);
midway.Dump("Midway Point");
if(midway > value)
return search(contents.Take(length),value);
if(midway < value)
return search(contents.Skip(length),value);
if(midway == value)
return true;
return false;
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