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An experiment to try to reproduce part of the "openssl" command line tool's behavior through Python. See blog post:
import sys
import itertools
import binascii
import StringIO
from Crypto.Hash import SHA, MD5
from Crypto.Cipher import AES, ARC4
from Crypto import Random
class Breaker:
def __init__(self,e,puzzle):
self.e = e
self.puzzle = puzzle
self.last = None
def attempt(self, password):
self.last = password
result = self.e.decryptString(self.puzzle, password)
return result
def comboAttack(self, sequence, tester):
for pw in sequence:
result = b.attempt(pw)
if tester(result):
yield (pw, result)
def CheckBoringAscii(result):
for c in result:
d = ord(c)
if d > 127:
return False
elif d < 32:
return False
return True
def GenPasswordList(passwordFile):
with open(passwordFile,'rb') as pwdict:
for line in pwdict:
pw = line.strip()
yield pw
def GenBrute(charset, maxlength):
for i in range(1, maxlength + 1):
for c in itertools.product(charset,repeat=i):
yield ''.join(c)
class SimpleRc4:
def __init__(self):
self.random =
self.header = "Salted__"
self.saltLen = 8
def encryptString(self, in_str, password):
salt =
tempkey =
cipher =
enc = cipher.encrypt(in_str)
return self.header + salt + enc
def decryptString(self, in_str, password):
salt = in_str[len(self.header) : len(self.header)+self.saltLen]
body = in_str[len(self.header)+self.saltLen:]
tempkey =
cipher =
dec = cipher.decrypt(body)
return dec
def selftest(self):
password = "selftest"
a = "Content"
b = self.encryptString(a,password)
c = self.decryptString(b,password)
assert(a == c)
if __name__ == "__main__":
e = SimpleRc4()
sample = e.encryptString("brute decode challenge", "test")
b = Breaker(e, sample)
source = Breaker.GenBrute('abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz',4)
tester = Breaker.CheckBoringAscii
for pw,result in b.comboAttack(source, tester):
print pw, result
#Output: test brute decode challenge
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