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View exo_bash_custom_cp.bash
#etape 1
#creer fonction bash qui permet d'afficher les information d'un fichier ou d'un dossier:
# est un fichier
#koalas a les droits en lecture , a les droits en ecriture , a les droits en execution
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ps -eo "%p %P %r %U %G %y %x %c %C"
ecrire=expr`ps -eo "%p %P %r %U %G %y %x %c %C"`
read -p "donnez le pid d un processus: " pid
while [ ! "$(echo $pid | grep "^[ [:digit:] ]*$")" ]
echo "$processus n'est pas un pid "
View pnt_en_H.ino
int sens1_1 = 8;
int sens1_2 = 9;
int sens2_1 = 10;
int sens2_2 = 11;
int segond=1000;
int led = 13;
void setup() {
pinMode(sens1_1, OUTPUT);
pinMode(sens1_2, OUTPUT);
View bitonio_lampe_velo_
difference() {
View select_link_jquery.html
View adddbuser
read -s -p "Enter root DB Password: " PASSDB
echo ""
read -s -p "Enter new DB Password: " PASSWORD
echo ""
read -s "Enter website server host: " HOST
echo ""
View config vim
set nocp
syn on
set syntax =on
filetype indent plugin on
set incsearch
set cursorline
set showmatch
DILL44 / node_users_realation_drupal
Created Nov 29, 2014
sql requests for show relation between nodes (content) and users
View node_users_realation_drupal
comming bash
SELECT `users`.`name` , `users`.`mail` , `role`.`name`
FROM `users` , `role` , `users_roles`
WHERE `users`.`uid` = `users_roles`.`uid`
AND `role`.`rid` = `users_roles`.`rid`
LIMIT 0 , 30
SELECT `node`.`nid` , `node`.`type` , `node`.`title` , `node`.`status` , `users`.`uid` , `users`.`name` , `users`.`mail`
FROM `node` , `users`
DILL44 / gist:7e10e45fc4e17fecb513
Last active Aug 29, 2015
install node_export, export node and delete node_export #comming soon with importing node
View gist:7e10e45fc4e17fecb513
# $1 path to the first platform
# $2 path to the segond platform
# $3 list of the node id to export
cd $1
drush cc drush
drush dl node_export_feeds, node_export_features, node_export_dependency, node_export_relation, node_export
drush pm-enable node_export
View install debian server
sudo apt-get install apache2 monit mysql-client mysql-server htop php5 php5-curl php5-mysql portsentry postfix php-apc rkhunter vim
#for drupal
sudo apt-get install drush
#for owncloud
sudo apt-get install php5-json php-xml-serializer zip php5-gd php5-sqlite curl libcurl3 libcurl3-dev bzip2
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