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Created September 20, 2015 11:58
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React-redux-router: How to wait until all required actions have finished before rendering on the server side
export default function renderRoute(request, reply) {
const store = configureStore();
store.dispatch(match(request.path, (error, redirectLocation, routerState) => {
if (redirectLocation) {
reply.redirect(redirectLocation.pathname +;
} else if (error) {
} else if (!routerState) {
reply('Not found').code(404);
} else {
// Promise.all in preRender waits until all Promises from the Components are resolved and only then starts to render the result.
preRender(store, routerState).then(() => {
const routes = getRoutes(store.getState);
const html = renderToString(
<Provider store={store}>
<ReduxRouter routes={routes}/>
const initialData = store.getState();
const fullPage = renderFullPage(html, initialData);
const response = reply(fullPage);
}).catch((error) => reply(error).code(500));
function preRender(store, routerState) {
const promises = => (component && component.preRender) ?
component.preRender(store, routerState) : null).filter(component => !!component);
return Promise.all(promises);
// Sample code of a container components which just executes on action that returns a promise.
// Note that this could be many actions that could also be executed in a specific order - using promises - if you wanted to
// and that you can get access to whatever you need from the routerState
component.preRender = (store, routerState) => store.dispatch(Actions.loadVote(;
// more info here
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