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Created Jul 11, 2011

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This simple framework allows you to assert things that should happen tomorrow*. For example:

assert_tomorrow { == 2 } # => :passed
                                       # assuming today is Monday (i.e. wday == 1)

Another example shows that the time will never be the same again:

today =
assert_tomorrow { == today } # => :failed

And sometimes we can't event assert something for sure, because my expectation is too complex!

assert_tomorrow { _why is back }      # => :error

Of course, there is a lot room for improvement. You can introduce you own DSL and run tests against your life, for example:

me = Dnnx.instance.clone
assert_tomorrow do 
  future_me = Dnnx.instance 
  future_me.is_better_than me

*I didn't invent a time machine, so you have to wait 1 day for test result.

def assert_tomorrow() sleep(24*60*60); (yield ? :passed : :failed) rescue :error end

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jeffkreeftmeijer commented Jul 14, 2011

This is certainly the best way to test if something will happen tomorrow without cheating and using a time machine. Awesome work! ;)


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bltavares commented Jul 17, 2011


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