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static __always_inline
int udp_dns_reply(struct cursor *c)
struct udphdr *udp;
struct dnshdr *dns;
if (!(udp = parse_udphdr(c))|| udp->dest != __bpf_htons(DNS_PORT)
|| !(dns = parse_dnshdr(c)))
return -1;
uint8_t *qname;
struct dns_qrr *qrr;
if (dns->flags.as_bits_and_pieces.qr
|| dns->qdcount != __bpf_htons(1)
|| dns->ancount || dns->nscount
|| dns->arcount > __bpf_htons(1)
|| !(qname = parse_dname(c, (void *)dns))
|| !(qrr = parse_dns_qrr(c)))
return -1;
// we continue below
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