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Inline CSS or JS in Rails 5
<!DOCTYPE html>
<%= inline_js 'application.js' %>
<%= inline_css 'application.css' %>
module AssetsHelper
def inline_file(path)
if assets = Rails.application.assets
asset = assets.find_asset(path)
return '' unless asset
else, 'public', asset_path(path)))
def inline_js(path)
"<script>#{inline_file path}</script>".html_safe
def inline_css(path)
"<style>#{inline_file path}</style>".html_safe
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humphreybc commented Oct 18, 2017

It looks like this doesn't work in when running in production. The ‘else’ block gets called, and results in this error. It looks like asset_path(path) is returning the full URL.

ActionView::Template::Error: No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen - /app/public/

Edit: Looks like the problem was caused by this line in our production.rb config file. Will leave this comment here for other people in case they have a similar issue.

config.action_controller.asset_host = 'https://' + Figaro.env.domain

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You may use below if you have asset hosts configured as cdn
path = "Your asset name", like - home.css, 'public', 'assets', Rails.application.assets_manifest.assets[path]))

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Thanks for this! Does it work for scss?

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